Since the start of 2016, I’ve dedicated myself to the development and cultivation of my personal brand. And, starting a blog has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Since starting my work with Fashion Bomb Daily, I’ve been exposed the blogosphere in ways unimaginable. I’ve learned the value of great content and I’ve also realized that the audience is the core focus on any platform.

But, there has been one aspect that has managed to keep me confined (and lost, at some points) – and, that’s fear. Fear of the unknown is one of my biggest downfalls. With a Type A personality and the need to live by a means of “structure” and “balance”, I find that I’m extremely vulnerable when it comes to facing certain challenges.

And, starting my own blog has always been a war of both my heart and mind.

There’s always been a part of me that ponders  – “You can’t do this.” or “Mesha, come on, do you really think you can do that?” But, that’s where faith and favor come into play. You cannot live your life based on the wants and needs of other individuals – I mean, your passion is YOUR passion. And, no one else’s.

Instances will always arise where you may start to question the validity of your actions but personal happiness is the ultimate satisfaction. So, if you want to start that clothing line, go for it! Or, if you want to style that celebrity, do it! Just keep in mind that the sky is the limit!



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2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I’m so proud of you Mesha! You are going to do great things. The only way to move forward is to focus on the obstacles in front of you and tackle them one at a time. You’ll be going so fast you won’t have time to look back and wonder how you overcame them so don’t even bother, it will slow you down anyway. Let your fear be the fuel you need to drive you in your quest to find true joy in your work. Find satisfaction in your writing and your audience will find you. Good luck and have fun on your journey!!


    1. Leonard! I realize I’m BEYOND late on this one, lol. But, thank you so much for the support! I agree wholeheartedly with your comment – I’ll just have tackle each obstacle as it comes, triumphing over every single one until I reach my ultimate goal. Fear will definitely be my fuel and writing will forever be my safe haven. Thanks again! Love ya lots! xo


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