I can’t believe that I’ve started my own blog! God is TOO good!

As a seasoned writer and a (fairly) new blogger, I’ve decided that my platform will be based on empowering and motivating women. Regardless of their personal backgrounds or their accomplishments, it is vital that we (as a gender) learn to go after what it is we truly want. I mean, hey, you never know how your story can affect the next person.

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Queen Bey once said,

“… I dream it, I work hard / I grind til I own it / I twirl on my haters…”

While many may label this iconic lyric as merely “dope” or “statement-making”, the impact it made on me was beyond deep. It was a sort of Clarion call to women all over the world and it was refreshing to see this superstar use her platform in a positive way. Overall, her message is simple – the key is to block out any and all negativity because people will always talk.

And, ever since, this banger has been on constant repeat.

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Honestly, Bey’s wise words gave me that extra push I needed to go after my blogging dream. She made it plain that, if you know what you want, you should attack it! And, do whatever it takes to succeed.

Whether that means enduring some sleepless nights or dishing out time (and money) you don’t have, your faith should be proof enough that any and all things are possible.

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Can’t wait to see what the future holds…

Oh, and keep twirling!

Photo cred: The multi-talented Deun Ivory

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