Making Moves: Elsik High School’s Art of Fashion Design Competition and Fashion Show

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend Elsik High School’s Art of Fashion Design Competition and Fashion Show as a celebrity guest (alongside NBA legend Calvin Murphy!) Rosalind Gaither, founder of, was the mastermind behind this dynamic event and, it was through her sincere spirit, that I was even considered as an attendee. And, I am forever grateful.

At Elsik High School, students are offered the opportunity to take a one year elective course called Fashion Design. In this class, students learn the basics of design, sewing and clothing management. If they come to enjoy this course, they also have the chance to take the Advanced Fashion Design Block course. This class is rigorous and requires the work ethic that any university and.or college expects.


These types of classes allow Elsik’s young creators the opportunity to effectively understand the planning and discipline that goes into establishing effective (and innovative) designs. Now, the competition itself was a completely different beast, lol.

The theme of 2016 Fashion Show and Design Competition required each contestant to select a famous painting and create a collection of three garments that will interpret the artists work. Surprisingly, this is the first year that contestants are being asked to create more than one piece. The deciding panel was even official with David Duong, Natalie Harris and Andrea Davis chiming in as contributing judges.


Personally, I’d never attended such a motivating event such as this one! From the first presentation of 1st year designers to the grand finale featuring the senior 3rd year veterans, I was in total awe of the creativity etched within each individual piece. (And, I HATE that I didn’t catch any good pictures, lol! But, next year will be MUCH better!)

I was also moved by the stories that each collection translated. There were some designs that screamed fun and youthful flamboyance (i.e.- showcasing mixed textures, eccentric prints and eye-catching detailing) while others conveyed refined classic vibes. It was quite intriguing! In addition to deciphering the artistic influence from the sartorial aspect, I often wondered where some of the student found their inspiration. For instance, there was one collection that screamed Yeezy Season, lol. Loaded with neutral hues and uncanny cuts and silhouettes, it was clearly a standout. And, I adored the innovation of its theme.

So, to the featured designers, I salute you all for a job well done! Ya’ll slllayyyeddd!


In closing, it was an honor and an absolute blessing to stand alongside some of Houston’s best and brightest designers. And, I can’t wait for next year’s presentation!

I’d also like to extend a personal thank you to Roz Gaither, media extraordinaire Angela Rae, LLL Entertainment and the students of Elsik High for such a memorable evening.

Dress: A Leap of Style, Booties: Nasty Gal


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