Houston Hot Spot: The FLAT Bar & Lounge

It’s currently 10:43 PM in Houston. It’s raining cats and dogs. And, I’m suffering from a minor case of insomnia, lol.

So, bear with me as I reflect on one of my recent event excursions… 🙂

Networking mixers are a part of my job. I feel that (in order to stay accurate and connected) there’s always a need to reach out to fellow fashion enthusiasts/entrepreneurs/photographers/etc. So, when my girl Shadana presented me with the invitation to attend Kaleidoscope Houston’s Tales of the Creative at The FLAT, I knew it was a dynamic opportunity to rock with some of the city’s hottest and brightest talents.


Despite dangerous tornado watches and flooding waters, I made my trek from the boonies of Channelview to the inner city and Montrose where I discovered a hidden diamond in the rough. The FLAT (located at 1701 Commonwealth Street) is settled dead in the heart of Houston and it’s surrounded by a quiet and picturesque neighborhood. My first thought was like, “Okay, am I at the right place?”  Lol! After circling a few blocks to ensure that it was the correct location, I knew that I had reached my destination.



The venue, itself, feels as if it’s tucked away as one of the city’s best kept secrets. Upon entering the intimate and laid back setting, I instantly fell in love with music. The DJ was TOO lit! I can’t remember his exact name (ughh) but he filled the mixer with a wide variety of sounds – from sultry salsa to the best of the 90’s – he catered to any and everyone who hit the doors.


The bar was also A-1! I ended up ordering the delicious Honey Lemonade cocktail which combines Ron Carlos, Bacardi 151 and fresh lemonade – on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 9. Besides, I rounded the night out with 2 of them, lol. So, they couldn’t have been that bad. See more of The FLAT’s delectable menu, here!

Dancing is also optional. There were a few couples who attempted to cut a rug but there were just so many people and space was extremely limited. As you made your way to the outside patio, you’d find plush seating and more vibing space. Due to the weather, we weren’t exactly itching to get to the exterior but I heard good things from other attendees.


Overall, the networking mixer was magnificent! I met a few new contacts (including a mind-blowing sketch artist) and I even came to discover another Houston hot spot. It was definitely worth the trip and I can’t wait to visit again.

If you’re ever in the city (and are looking for a pretty dope bar experience), check out The FLAT! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


*Photo credits: Google

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