My First Personal Style and Wardrobe Consultation

Hey everyone!

I’ve been bogged down with juggling endless social events, complex personal matters and (of course) working. But, nothing can deter me from filling you guys in on the life-changing event that took place over this past weekend!

As many of you may know, I’m not a stylist nor am I anyone’s wardrobe consultant. Yet, I’ve always pondered the possibility of stretching out beyond my ever-so-convenient comfort zone. I’ve indulged in a few stylist workshops and I’ve even come in contact with a few individuals who have continuously urged me to get into “the business”. But, it wasn’t until a good friend of mine, Damaurriah, reached out in need of assistance when it came to editing and understanding her growing wardrobe. Turns out she’s evolving into more of a career woman and wanted her appearance to organically translate into her professional endeavors. Simple enough, right?


I thought that this would be one of those instances where I would go through a client’s closet and say what should “stay” and what should “go”. But, during my rain-drenched drive to Humble, I realized that there is potential in every situation; therefore, I decided to take an overall evaluation of the closet, piece together outfits and give as much wisdom as I possibly could on appropriately styling classic pieces, mixing prints and incorporating the perfect shoe.

And, boy oh boy, did it work! Damaurriah’s wardrobe was chock full of striking prints, timeless stripes and damn near every color heel you can ever imagine. Her closet was a culmination of both preppy and eccentric aesthetics that made the two-hour consultation almost feel like a trip to the mall. It was amazing! I was also intrigued by her honesty and her undeniable openness. Never did she ever say, “Ewww, I don’t like that!” or “Yeah, that’s not me…” She just maintained this subtle coolness that made collaborating with her such an honor.

I discovered that her weakness was a plain cotton black v-neck that she combined with everything. Whether she was rocking an edgy burgundy leather skater skirt or a bomb pair of navy and emerald floral motif trousers, I realized that the fashion culprit depriving Damaurriah of her fashionable growth was mere habit.


Ultimately, we decided that she would focus a little more on carefully piecing her looks together versus just throwing something on. And, since she’s a full-time mom, we knew that comfort was another major key. Her wardrobe was pretty well-rounded and didn’t need much tailoring. I also encouraged her to look out for more polished pieces including crisp white button-ups, metallic flats and structured jackets. I gave her a quick tutorial on how to use Pinterest as a means of grasping more street style inspiration which can work wonders when you’re experiencing an outfit crisis.

I had too much fun with this experience! It felt like I was where I needed to be. In the past I’ve written about solidifying your purpose and finding that passion that makes you happy, but I still find myself uncovering new talents and abilities within myself. It’s a beautiful thing. I trust that God will continue to guide me on the path that He sees fit. And, I will continue to trust in His plan forever more. So, bring it on!


In closing, I want to extend a huge thank you to Damaurriah for giving me the opportunity to work with her. I pray that I assisted in the best way possible. Can’t wait for the next consultation! 🙂

Talk about new beginnings…

If you have any questions about possibly booking your own appointment and/or rates, feel free to email me at and let’s talk!


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