#Runway to #RealWay: Gucci’s Spring 2016 Collection

Gucci’s Spring 2016 collection has (secretly) been in constant rotation in my mind! Ever since Queen Bey rocked pieces from the iconic fashion house in her Formation video and ever since spotting Rihanna in the sheer, plunging emerald green midi showstopper, I’ve been like a kid in a candy store – itching to get my hands on at least ONE piece. But, unfortunately, my coins aren’t flowing like that and I’m not ballin’ like LeBron…



So, after finally sifting through the runway photos, I knew it was time to draft a #Runway to #RealWay post showcasing a few of my favorite looks. Warning: If you’re the type of fashionista who shies away from eclectic, multicolored prints and dramatic silhouettes, this may not be your so-called “cup of tea”. Anywho, over the past few months, I’ve noticed my personal style shift from “safe and secure” to a bit more “adventurous and off-the-wall”. I blame Gucci, lol! This eye-catching collection proves that all your outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy in order to truly make a lasting fashion statement. These ensembles also solidify the question as to whether or not vintage vibes (circa Charlie’s Angels 1976) are still “in”.

So, let’s get into some of my favorite looks from the catwalk!



To start things off, pair an exuberant pleated skirt with your favorite sheer topper. Add some spicy platform ankle T-strap pumps and a floral satin bomber jacket and you’re all set!


Or, you can take a cue from Beyonce and slay in a matching two-piece culotte set! Striped berets and oversized eyewear are optional. 🙂


The sheer trend is my fave go-to styling trick for summer. Many people don’t quite understand and/or agree the sartorial “freeness” but I adore it. Sheer accents allow your outfit to pop without incorporating the fussiness of unnecessary accessories. Give it a go and, I promise, you’ll be hooked!


Jazzy prints will garner plenty of curious onlookers but all you need is a teaspoon of confidence, a structured handbag and Marie Antoinette-inspired lace-up boot. Gucci’s signature map-design may be almost impossible to duplicate but just be on the look out for similar quirky prints.


Since purchasing my first gold lamé suit from ASOS, I’ve been surprisingly keen on the idea of filling my wardrobe with these cheery separates. They’re easy to style and add a bit of personality to classic pieces. Yes!


Flared hems are another seasonal trend that’s raising eyebrows everywhere. Gucci showcased their own version with the addition of a rose ruffled sheer blouse and periwinkle platforms.

And, that about sums it up for now.

See anything work re-creating?

*Photo credits: Style.com

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