Making Moves: Mindsets Houston‘s Creative Millennial Festival featuring An Acrylic Painting Showcase by Gage

Greetings my lovely readers!

This entire July 4th weekend has been an absolute blur! I’ve literally been on the go since Friday morning and, just as Tuesday rears it’s head, I’m just beginning to settle down. Just to give you a brief run-down of the festivities, know that I indulged in two birthday celebrations, Gage’s inaugural Mindsets Houston event, antique shopping, church service, lunch with the family at this bomb Nigerian restaurant called ‘Finger Licking‘ and, of course, Houston’s spectacular fireworks light show held on Allen Parkway.

So, it’s evident that I’m in need of a serious catch-up day…

But, let’s focus on the focus of today’s post – the Mindsets Houston Creative Millennial Festival hosted by my city’s own Gage!


A couple weeks ago, Gage reached out to me with the idea of ‘showcasing the beauty and creativity of our generation’s artists, while complementing the Montrose neighborhood businesses and residents. The Millennial Festival is aimed towards nurturing artful and economic relationships with all surrounding communities by celebrating and encouraging an inclusive demographic of creative artists, professionals, musicians, educators, and established business. With that, the authentic diversity of the festival and the Montrose area would be vital for the city as it seeks to bridge the void of downtown with sustainable and equitable businesses, as well as community engagement in Houston.


There was amazing live music by some of Houston’s most inspiring neo-soul artists as well as food trucks that tested your cultural palate. At the festival, Gage also revealed a private collection of paintings known as the “Feelings You Can’t Say” it includes 7 painting that use acrylic on canvas to depict the feelings that be can’t articulated via speech.


I first arrived on the scene around 7PM after the southern heat slightly died down and there were about 30 creatives present. I literally felt like a cool kid as I donned my fitted white tee, distressed denim, ASOS snakeskin sneakers and Voted Best Dressed mirrored sunnies! There was a gorgeous young woman performing when I got there (I actually missed her name) but her music was so authentic, so real and completely full of zest. It was hard to deny the natural talent she embodied. If you need a little idea of her capabilities, think Solange-ish vibes with an added dose of Kehlani. Get the picture now?


I also spotted Gage when I got there and exchanged a few words with him but my time at the event was brief due to another prior engagement. As I scanned the sea of beautiful onlookers, I noticed a few familiar faces including photography extraordinaire/colleague Rome Goodson and up-and-coming stylist Darshay D.


All in all, it was an extraordinary atmosphere that was perfect for breeding new artistic and professional relationships. Gage really outdid himself with this one but, honestly, I believe he’s pinpointed a movement that will help future generations of Houston artists expand their brands while meeting like-minded individuals.

**P.S.: And, a future trip to Lo-Fi Boutique is definitely in the works!

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