Houston Hot Spot: Peli Peli at The Galleria

Hey ya’ll!

If you haven’t noticed, the blog has taken on a brand new look! That’s right! I spent the majority of my weekend sifting through potential templates, customizing widgets and drafting more detailed areas of the site. Since starting my own portfolio, I was a little hesitant to promote my “baby” because I wasn’t 100% sure as to whether or not I actually liked my layout.

But, luckily, ALL that’s changed. And, in the words of Bryson Tiller, “I’m back and I’m better…”

Anywho, today I’m all about showcasing one of my favorite Houston Hot Spots!

I was first introduced to this Peli Peli at The Galleria when I attended a local fashion Meet-Up event with my homegirls/fellow fashion enthusiasts MeMe and Kristy. We hosted this small get together for up-and-coming bloggers, designers, stylists, etc. to come out and enjoy the restaurant’s $6 Happy Hour while making a few bomb connections.


The restaurant is almost hidden, tucked away in a small space across from Topshop, J.Crew and Forever 21. It’s cozy yet sexy ambience immediately hits you as you enter the door. You’re also greeted by a plethora of smiling faces, upscale table setting and an entire wall of fine wine, African-inspired art and flamboyantly dim lighting.



Named as one of Houston’s Best Romantic Restaurants in 2010, Peli Peli at The Galleria also features a breathtaking rooftop patio that allows customers to enjoy nature’s beauty as they indulge in a clear, sunny day or the glowing night sky. With “avant-garde architecture”, a full bar and lounge and a spacious dining area, this South African eatery is hands down one of the city’s best!


And now, onto the cuisine!

According to their official website, “Peli Peli’s cuisine, known as South African Fusion, features authentic South African delicacies along with American steak, chicken and seafood favorites that are prepared in Chef Paul Friedman’s South African style. This style includes marinades, seasonings and spices used in South African cuisine with Dutch, Portuguese and Asian influences“.  As an influencer on a budget, the restaurant’s Happy Hour is heaven sent! The menu features wines, cocktails and appetizers (all for only $6). You can’t beat that!


Try Peli Peli’s Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Peli Peli South African Wings, Biltong Mac & Cheese Bites, the South African Samosa or even a their signature Peach Bellini for a unique tasting experience like no other.

To see more about this devastatingly delicious restaurant, see more on their site here!

What do you think?

Photo credits: Google

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