Fridays at The Menil Collection

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m finally pushing towards expanding my blog content while looking to incorporate more outfit posts. So, sit back and enjoy this is little mini-shoot courtesy of @ThisIsLace (aka LeWebster Lacy) and his amazing vision.

I’m not going to drown you in rhetoric today, but in essence, I just want you to really indulge in the intricacy of the shots and enjoy the artistic vibes featuring The Menil Collection.




LeWebster reached out to me in regards to direction as to where he could find Houston designers to collab with. After we spoke for a little bit (and discovered that both of us were starving artists), we decided that it would be epic to partner together and, finally, get the chance to shoot as a team. So, we set it up and (bam!) we were all set.



I was instructed to meet Lacy at The Menil Collection which is settled deep in a lush and quaint neighborhood, perfect for picturesque candids and an effortless laid-back aesthetic. And, with it being summertime in Houston, the heat was SO real! I mean, halfway through the session I was drenched in sweat, lol. But, it was well worth the experience.



We jumped from location to location while chopping it up about networking in Houston, college, our professional lives and, of course, the shots. It was so refreshing to be able to artistically connect with another like-minded individual who is on the same path as you. It sort gives you that extra push to keep doing what you’re doing – regardless of what the masses may say. Your craft is your blessing. And, no one can deter you from fulfilling what your heart truly desires.



Lacy and I discussed the possibility of working together again for more outfit posts and he’s pretty open to the idea of growing as a photographer. So, stay tuned!

Madonna Tee: Walmart | Shorts: Forever 21 | Perspex Boots: Public Desire | Choker: Topshop | Sunnies: Voted Best Dressed | Purse: Zara

Photographer: LeWebster Lacy

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