Claiming Your Victory: Finding Strength in Desolate Siutations

I’m at a point in my life where others measure success by the amount of money you make, the kind of car you drive, the type of house you own (or don’t own) and even whether you’re married or not…

It’s like people take the most influential periods of our lives and condense them into this “standard” and “mediocre” form of living. By a certain age, society believes your should have 2.5 kids and a white picket fence but, the gag is, who are you to tell me how I should live MY life!

Earlier this evening, I had an extensive heart-to-heart with one of my good friends Kimmy and our entire conversation was saturated with uplifting and motivational dialogue that left me speechless at every turn. We spoke about the current state of our lives, our business aspirations, the idea of moving to Atlanta and so forth; however, it was when she suggested that I “speak life into my situation” that I really started to listen.

The past few weeks have been extremely tough for me. I’ve endured more in six months than I have in years and I truly believe that it is a test of my faith. I’ve questioned whether I’m on the “right” path and I’ve even compared myself to others who appear to be effortlessly thriving while throwing all care to the wind. But, then I realized, my story is not their story. And, that I am a work in progress.

I learned that, in order for me to evolve as a young woman, as a brand and as a person, I have to start claiming my own victory. I can’t wait to receive the nod of approval from the outside world nor can I worry myself with the disgruntling opinions of naysayers. Point blank: There will always be someone who talks down on you and there will always be an individual who tries to dampen your moments of joy with their own selfish pain. Yet, you have to continue to strive towards your own happiness. Whether that means fleeing to another city for personal inspiration or taking the plunge on a lifelong dream, you have to be willing to positively speak over yourself before your blessing fully manifests.

If I could have a conversation with my 20-year-old self, I’d tell her “Go for it! And, don’t worry. Everything will work itself out.” For, I can recall numerous occasions where I stressed my little heart to death over nothing. I can also remember instances where I put so much pressure on myself to succeed that I couldn’t genuinely enjoy the experience of my journey. God certainly has a way of placing us in situations where we are forced to flourish. But, it is through our own willingness that we grasp the motivation and diligence to reach our goals. My situation may seem desolate now but I am confident that this is merely a comma in my rise to greatness, and not a period.

So, in the meantime, keep pushing! And, remember, you’re not alone.


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