Esmesha’s Life: The All White Celebrity Charity Fashion Show featuring Mimi Irvin, Ashley Dunn, Rumela Dey and Jay Barnett

Every once and a while, I’m invited to an event that changes my entire perspective on the fashion world.

At times, I find myself forgetting how powerful this industry can be. I mean, with all the glitz and glamour, it’s easy to fall victim to what others consider as “self-indulged”, “conceited” or even “superficial”. But, if you truly dive deep into the foundation of this multi-billion dollar field, you’ll also learn that some of the world’s leading fashionistas are the ones with the biggest hearts.

The All White Celebrity Charity Fashion Show was the epitome of philanthropic magic! By bringing together Houston’s most influential twenty-and-thirty-somethings, this atmosphere was the perfect breeding ground for developing lasting professional relationships while shedding light on an issue that impacts thousands every day: suicide.

I received my flyer via email (for a free media RSVP). Immediately, I read through the fine print and I figured, “Hey, this is a dope concept!” So, immediately, I sent in my response with the addition of my plus one.


And, it was the best decision I ever made!

Held during the iconic Labor Day weekend, the festivities kicked off with “The Brunch Experience”. Now, come on, who doesn’t love a good brunch?! The sophisticated mixer was held at The Tasting Room on Uptown Boulevard, not too far from The Galleria. The surrounding shops screamed utter elegance and high-class; therefore, I knew the event was nothing short of chic!

My mom and I walked towards the ‘reserved’ event  area that was nestled in the back of the winery. We were instantly greeted by a few familiar faces, warm hugs and friendly exchanges before moving into the accessory-drenched room that served as our little hub of female empowerment. I looked around and, I swear, I was in absolute heaven! The mimosas were flowing, the conversations were heating up, breakfast was served and the featured panelists made their way throughout the room to meet the brunch’s participants.



My favorite Houston stylist Mrs. Ashley Dunn looked ravishing in a high-slit,  off-the-shoulder number by local designer Chloe Dao.


And, my love Mimi Irvin even graced our presence as she rocked a gold, 70s-inspired jumpsuit from Melodrama Boutique. Super cute!


In addition to some pretty amazing contacts, the event housed a plethora of vendors that sold all types of products that ranged from lux eyelashes to frugal jewelry finds to more exuberant/statement-making pieces. Basically, there was something for everyone!  I even discussed the possibility of collaborating with a couple of the #GirlBosses, but we’ll save that discussion for a later date πŸ˜‰


The astounding panel was the overall highlight of the brunch. Each woman set forth their own motivational words of wisdom on some of the most trying topics including finances, love, managing a two careers, faith and the importance of solidifying a concrete support system.

There was no doubt that these young women touched the lives of every single attendee. Their honest advice gave the audience a glimpse into what it truly means to go above and beyond the call of duty, no matter how bad you want to just fall flat on your face. And, it was refreshing to be able to witness the effortless chemistry amongst these trailblazers – trust me, it was truly something special!


The following day was the big fashion show!

Now, I didn’t take many pictures throughout the event (because I was so busy networking and getting to know other young professionals) but the entire experience was unparalleled. It was my first time attending anything at The Hobby Center and I was damn near shaking in my Topshop furries as I walked the red carpet. I’m not going to expound too much on the party but, just know, it was one for the books!

Here’s a quick glimpse at what you missed: 1) the tallest pair of stilts I’ve ever encountered, 2) a bomb art gallery showcasing some of our city’s brightest up-and-coming talent (including my friend Gage!), 3) FREE drinks, 4 )a jaw-dropping skyscraper view – plastered across the heart of downtown Houston, 5) loads of photographers, 5) of course, the charity fashion show and 6) the most AMAZING dance performance to Beyonce’s soul-stirring anthem “Freedom” – that was also choreographed by another close friend of mine (hey, Jeremy boo!)


Hands down, this was one of my favorite events to date!

Can’t wait to see what else is in store!


Wheeeewww!!! I hope you enjoyed my little rundown of everything!

So, what are your thoughts on my Labor Day weekend adventure?


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