Houston Hot Spot: Boss Lady Couture

Every now and then, there are times where I discover treasure troves of talent in the Bayou City. And, while it’s easy to scour the streets searching aimlessly for the next big thing, I’m officially convinced that I’ve stumbled onto one of the best boutiques the South has to offer!

Boss Lady Couture is situated in the crux of Houston’s historic Midtown District where you can find a myriad of independently-owned businesses including delectable eateries, super exclusive event venues and a plethora of bomb music/record shops. I initially heard about Boss Lady Couture through one of my fellow creative colleagues, Gregory, who collaborated with the owner (hey, Drika!) in photographing some of her most sensual designs. At first, he urged me about how dope the brand was and, of course, I had to take his word for it!


I found myself Googling the boutique’s address and, soon after, I even sifted through their social media platforms. Ultimately, I dedicated myself as an official Instagram follower but it wasn’t until I ACTUALLY visited the shop when I fell completely head over heels!


Accompanied by the Mister, we both walked into the glamorous space with the mere intention of scoping out the designs. But, as soon as we set foot into the newly-renovated boutique, we were like kids in a candy store! Point blank. Immense, framed photos of Marilyn Monroe lined the grand walls, soft plush rugs brushed against your ankles as you drooled over the dresses, soft tunes filled the lux ambience and my girl Drika was the commander-in-chief. With one of the warmest and most charismatic personalities I’ve ever encountered, the New Orleans-bred store owner personally escorted me (and my scrumptious Moscato) through every single piece. Talk about getting the royal treatment!


For all my fashionistas who don’t mind showing their lady lumps, this Boss Lady Couture is all you! The boutique’s apparel is reminiscent of the groundbreaking fashion house Balmain: with gem-encrusted bodycon gowns, sultry cutout wonders, plunging pastel -hued jumpsuits and red, lace sheer maxi showstoppers, the quality of each individual design is out of this world. Now, I admit, I tried on about four pieces total and I wanted to purchase them all! I mean, here’s just no greater feeling that that one outfit that makes you feel invincible, powerful, sexy and boundlessly confident.


As I sorted through a navy, stud-embellished jumpsuit and an eye-catching sleek black midi dress, the Mister couldn’t take his eyes off of me. He just kept blurting out spurts of, “Oh my gosh…” and “Yes, baby…”. I’d never seen anything like it. But, it was proof that the power of fashion etches deeper beyond just “looking nice” – in fact, this solidified my belief that Beyoncé was definitely onto something when she proclaimed that every women should go into the back of that closet and pull out that “freakum dress”. Lol!

All in all, Boss Lady Couture is the truth! If you’re ever in the area and on the hunt for one-of-a-kind wardrobe accents, be sure to check them out. The prices are pretty affordable and the service is unparalleled. So, shout out to Drika! Thank you so much for everything, girl! You’ve just gained another loyal fan and a lifelong customer. You are indeed ‘Houston’s best kept secret’.


Visit their official site at http://www.BossLadyCouture.com. And, follow the brand on the Gram @AllThingsBossLadyCouture.

Or, sashay over to the physical location at 2604 Whitney Street., Houston, TX 77006!

What do you think? Will you be paying Drika a visit?



**All photos via: Boss Lady Couture’s Instagram, @AllThingsBossLadyCouture

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