#GirlBoss Approved: My Best Box

Hey ya’ll!

There’s nothing better than being granted the opportunity to sample cutting-edge beauty products! So, when My Best Box offered me the chance to receive a complimentary gift, I was super elated and accepted their generous offer. With a multitude of lifestyle-themed specialty boxes (including My Best Body, My Best Sleep, My Best Kitchen and My Best Oils), this dynamic brand is aimed towards catering to health needs of industrious (and time-starved), young professionals. My Best Box is based on the premise of providing affordable, convenient and quality products while donating portions of their proceed to the nation’s top philanthropic organizations. Dope, right?


Now, as you may know, physical and mental well-being are topics that are near and dear to my heart. I believe in maintaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will, ultimately, result in increased productivity, a sound mind and an innate calmness that can never be broken. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such and, while the stresses of daily struggles may catch up with your emotions, there has to be a consistent balance of peace. In addition to establishing one’s own personal zen, beauty also plays a pivotal role in looking and feeling better about your overall appearance.

And, that’s why I chose the My Best Skin box as my introductory sample…


The My Best Skin box was an absolute revelation! I was instantly taken with the diversity of its products; furthermore, I was also smitten with the lux appeal the brand provides. From the boldness of the teal and ivory signature hues to the strategically-placed packing of the contents, it was evident that countless time and effort were put into completing the assembly of the jam-packed box.

The My Best Skin Box contained the following goodies:

1) EOS’s Hand Lotion in Fresh Flowers Scent

2) A My Best Juice Glass Bottle

3) Four White Cotton Face Towels

4) Tazo’s Caffeine-Free ‘Passion’ Tea

5) EcoLips’s Mongo Kiss Lip Balm in Vanilla Honey

6) Alba Botanicals’s Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes

7) Healthy Nights’s Aloe-Infused Satin Pillowcase

And, you can find my personal reviews of the products below!

EcoLips’s Mongo Kiss Lip Balm in Vanilla Honey


Infused with the Kalahari Desert’s own mongongo oil and a delectable scent that will bring you to your knees, this silky lip balm is perfect for the fashionista-on-the-go. I’m an avid lip care enthusiast so, when I finally slathered this scrumptious oil across my own lovelies, I was hooked from the first swipe! Unlike most balms, Mongo Kiss is 100% natural with ingredients ranging from sunflower seed oil to rosemary leaf extract, this gem will leave your lips soft and moisturized for hours. 

Four White Cotton Face Towels


You can never go wrong with plush cotton towels! They’re a beauty essential when it comes to washing, scrubbing and maintaining your skin’s natural glow. Luckily, My Best Box has you covered!

EOS’s Hand Lotion in Fresh Flowers Scent


My sister is a HUGE fan of all things EOS. She’s the type that won’t think twice about deviating from her tried-and-true skin regime (which typically includes their plethora of lip balms). But, I never knew the company ventured into hand lotion territory! After sorting through the My Best Skin box, I was certain that this particular find had ‘Gebrina’ (my sister’s name) written all over it! Of course, I periodically checked in on her personal experience with the product and she disclosed nothing but positive feedback. I mean, she couldn’t stop gushing about how supple her hands were nor could she stop urging me to buy more for her. And, that’s when I turned my ears off, lol!

‘My Best Juice’ Glass Bottle


Although I’m not a juicer, I’m motivated to put my skills to the test with this baby! With the brand’s ‘My Best Juice’ logo plastered across the front, this versatile container can be used to hold your healthiest skin remedies – whether it’s strictly water, a mango smoothie or a little of Beyonce’s home-grown lemonade, this must-have will keep you happy and hydrated in even the driest of conditions. Love it!

Alba Botanicals’s Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes


Make-up has never been a mandatory part of my facial beauty routine but, since starting my current job, I’m forced to throw on a pinch of foundation, a bit of mascara and a light gloss. Yet, the end of the day requires a full-on face revitalization process that calls for warm water and my trusty African black soap. But, all that is in the past with Alba Botanicals’s 3-in-1 Hawaiian Clean Towelettes! The pre-moisturized treasures contain makeup remover, cleanser and toner that act as a triple threat against the dirt, oil and grime that come with our daily comings and goings. I’ve used them a total of two times and they are absolutely fantastic. There was no icky residue lingering on my cheeks. The smell is refreshing. And, they’re available in a portable bag with an easy access flap. You gotta try them: trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Healthy Nights Aloe-Infused Satin Pillowcase


Need a pillowcase that will keep your skin and hair glowing while you get that extra beauty rest? Well, the Healthy Nights Aloe-Infused Satin Pillowcase is your best bet. I haven’t tried this product yet, but stay tuned!

Tazo’s Caffeine-Free ‘Passion’ Tea


Last but certainly not least, we have Tazo’s Caffeine-Free ‘Passion’ Tea. According to the label, it’s an “exuberant herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips and passion fruit flavors”. My first cup reminded me of an exotic trip overseas to a faraway land, like Saudi Arabia or even Dubai. And, the velvety-smooth feel of the taste is unparalleled. I’m all for indulging in the finer things and Tazo hold no bounds in delivering an ultra-lux sipping experience. Ready your tastebuds because this one is a keeper!

Whew! Quite the list, no?!


If you’re up for testing out your own My Best Box, visit their official site here. 

FYI: You can also use the discount code ‘Esmesha’ to receive an additional $5 off your entire purchase! 


To Jazmine and the My Best Box family, thank you so much for allowing me to experience such an innovative product. I absolutely adore the My Best Skin Box and I look forward to working more closely with the brand in the future. Keep on shining!


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