Making Moves: Living it Up at African Fashion Week Houston 2016

Last weekend, I attended African Fashion Week Houston for the VERY first time!

When my good friend and Bosses in Heels co-founder Chigozie Ohanele reached out to me with the opportunity, I was ecstatic and immediately accepted. The four-day fashion extravaganza was filled with endless networking opportunities, a bomb trade show and memorable finale that consisted of fashion show that showcased the talents of over 11 African-inspired designers.

So, take a little time to check out some of the shots I captured while indulging in the festivities!



Hands down, the trade show was my favorite event! I always find an inner delight in discovering local businesses that carry some of the hottest products. It’s sort of like finding a diamond in the rough, ya know? There’s just no greater feeling.


I perused the awaiting tables (alongside my mom) as we made our way across the crowded venue. No matter what your interest/hobby may entail, there was certainly something there for people from all walks of life. From eye-catching beaded accessories to ankara-drenched apparel to mind-blowing sunglasses, the variety of featured products was just so amazing. I loved it!

For the occasion I slipped into a pair of a vintage pinstripe vest, A Leap of Style printed trousers and a vintage leather wrap belt.


And, the fashion show was equally as enjoyable! As the scene burst with Houston’s coldest fashion insiders, it was truly a night to remember. I hate that I didn’t grasp more pictures but, hey, there’s always next year…



Once again, I rocked another A Leap of Style masterpiece and my trust Topshop furries. Thanks again to Karissa for allowing me the chance to slay her pieces. She’s an absolute gem.

Whew! Quite the weekend, no?


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