Honesty 101: Being a Michelle Obama in World Full of Kardashians

Yep. I said it. The age of the “Instagram model” has officially commenced.

Everyone wants to be Kim Kardashian West. (Or, one of her other five, six or seven siblings…)

Now, don’t get me wrong, this family hustles their ass off and they’ve built an entire empire on the foundation of a sex tape and a famous name. (It’s surprising what money can do, right?) Yet, each and every time I scroll down my Instagram timeline, I’m constantly reminded of the distinct impact they have on this upcoming generation. And, I’m scared for my life.


There are endless amounts of young women who go out and “fleek” their eyebrows. There are infinite amounts of teenagers who want lips like Kylie. There are school-age children who flock to the cosmetics counter in hopes of achieving Khloe’s famous pout; however, if asked to explain the significance of the electoral college’s decision in the previous election – they’re nowhere to be found. This disturbing trend of masking one’s intellectual capabilities is beyond disturbing for the simple fact that, for the last eight years, we’ve had a dynamic First Lady whose preached nothing but positivity when it comes to garnering higher education.

First Lady Michelle Obama has constantly encouraged all young women to seek a quality education. Despite whether you choose to go Ivy League or stay true to your roots with a local HBCU, her unwavering dedication to this valuable cause has altered the lives of girls everywhere by giving them a chance to rise to their full potential. Not only has she broken down barriers for women of color, but the First Lady is also walking proof that anything is possible if you’re willing to go the extra mile, put in the work and stay true to who you are as a person. I’ve witnessed as she’s brought in celebrity powerhouses (i.e.: Beyonce, Yara Shahidi, etc) to help push her causes but, somehow, these young people think it’s better to just go out and spend an entire tuition check on duplicating Kim’s man-made derriere to help pay the bills.

And, I can’t do it anymore.


To all my fellow women, be more than just a pretty face. Be a woman with a purpose. Be a woman with passion. Set goals. Be yourself. And, never settle for the path of least resistance. Although the world upholds this standard of unattainable beauty and this superficial “glamorous” life, be aware of the power you hold within yourself. Now, yeah, you may have the perfect set of hazel eyes or long flowing ebony curls, but don’t let that stop you from showing the world what you are fully capable of. Go out and start that business, get that engineering degree, head overseas and establish an African non-profit – but, never feel that you need to alter your physical appearance for monetary gain or fame. It’s not worth it. Trust me. Let’s aspire to be more than just a trophy wife…

Be that Michelle Obama in the world! Stay true to your morals. Be patient. Ooze all types of elegance and know that you are the baddest woman walking Planet Earth. Besides, that’s what #BlackGirlMagic is all about: making the world stand up and take notice that true Queens are walking amongst the masses.

Be the change.



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