#GirlBoss Approved: Netflix’s Chewing Gum

When it comes to Netflix and chill, I am Queen.

I already have my favorites laid out at my fingertips while Netflix’s server instantaneously throws in an occasional suggestion or two. But, a few days ago, I happened across the #BlackGirlMagic that is Chewing Gum. I may be a little late to the party (because I just checked the original air date and it cited “2015”) but I blame a little thing called grad school and two j-o-b-s.

I know, I know – you’re probably asking “What is this ‘gum’ and why would I want to chew it?” But, that’s beside the point: the fact of the matter is that this show is pure genius! I giggled and gabbed my way through the entire first season in under two sittings! And, I fell deeply in love with the British sitcom’s witty main character Tracey Gordon (played by poet & songwriter Michaela Coel).

The entire Chewing Gum cast; main character Tracey Gordon is at the center with the pigtails.

Tracey Gordon is an achingly awkward and naïve 24-year-old virgin who has yet to experience some of life’s most defining moments including intimacy, love and the “perks” that come with adulting. The cast also includes Tracey’s “suspect” ex-boyfriend Ronald, her fun-loving and no-filter-having bestie Candice and her current love interest Conner. Directed by Tom Marshall, the side-splitting dialogue is so raw yet unapologetic and it’s the perfect answer to every millennial’s binge-worthy prayer.

As I dived deep into the plot of every single webisode, I was enthralled by the overall relatability of this masterpiece. It felt as if every theme was centered around my four-and-a-half year tenure as a clueless undergrad at Prairie View A&M University. The coming-of-age curiosity and the excitement of welcoming new experiences is the foundation for which the story line is built yet there’s also this tender emotion that sneaks in every so often. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, the mood music is even bomb! I found myself grooving to the familiar tunes that plagued my childhood summer playlists (hey, Ja Rule!) and I was reminded of how I felt in those same moments of enjoying the sounds in the comforts of my room as I penned a day’s summary in my awaiting diary Honestly, to label this feeling as “refreshing” would a mere understatement.

In one of the first scenes of the show, Tracey gives us all reason to believe that Beyonce plus Jesus equals mind-blowing motivation, faith and favor.

In the midst of all the show’s glorious commotion, I believe every red-blooded, twenty-something should take time to indulge themselves! I promise you – if you’re at point in your journey where you’re questioning your love life, your upbringing, your family and even you place of employment – Chewing Gum is a welcome reminder that your personal strife can’t get any worse than Tracey Gordon’s ongoing (hilarious) turmoil. Although she’s faced with some daunting situations, she always handles each instance with a light-hearted approach and an attitude filled with positivity. In today’s day and age, maintaining positivity is a bit of a struggle but, in this case, art reflects life and laughter is only antidote.

So, grab your popcorn, snuggle up with Bae and press play! Chewing Gum is sure to leave you on a natural high that doesn’t require anything but an open mind and a quirky sense of humor.

Tracey’s expression = my views on life currently

*Sidenote: The multi-talented Michaela Coel is an absolute hoot and (in my opinion) she’s solidified herself as one of the hottest talents in the game right now. She’s a jewel!

Oh, and you can thank me later… 



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