Fall and winter are great seasons to showcase your personal style. The dipping temperatures call for more than just the classic tee and jeans combination and an extra ounce of thought is required to pull of the warmest ‘fit possible.

During the holiday season, there’s always room to embrace those risky trends that once populated the Fashion Week runways but it’s also the ideal time to pull out your beloved eye-popping, statement-making units. (Hello fringe, sequins, leather and rhinestones!)

I always encourage fashionistas to have fun with their style pairings. Don’t be so hell-bent on being the “best dressed” chick in the venue. Wear what you want to wear without any excuses. *rolls neck and snaps fingers in two full circles* 

Top: ASOS / Skirt: H&M / Boots: H&M / Purse: Zara

Case and point: I decided to wear a fringe-tastic sweater, a quilted skirt and Pretty Woman-inspired over-the-knee boots to a recent church service. And, the response I got was painstakingly hilarious.

The result: I received some questionable head shakes, a handful of side eyes and the couple sitting behind me couldn’t decide whether my top was fur, cotton or none of the above; however, I didn’t really feed into what other people were saying. All I knew was that the good Lord granted me 50 degree weather and I was taking FULL advantage! Always remember: They laugh, then they copy.

(FYI: The next day I looked up and the local high was damn near 90 degrees. Thanks, Houston!)


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