4 Ways to Make the Most of The Christmas Season

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year! The world is filled with an impenetrable joy, temperatures start to drop and the new year lurks just around the corner. We draft our Christmas lists to jolly ‘ol St. Nick and, for a few short weeks, there is a warm and fuzzy feeling that flows throughout our hearts, minds and spirits.

But, as a young professional, I found myself almost aimlessly “drifting” through this festive time. I work a 9 to 5 (and then I get off work to work another side hustle), I head home, go to sleep and repeat my routine the following day. A bit boring, right? I know, enter the life of a clueless twenty-something. Yet, it wasn’t until today that I realized how enchanting this season can be! Thanks to Sunny 99.1 FM and the burgeoning traffic on Highway 610 South, I was instantly thrust into this soothing holiday spirit. My mood perked up, a wide smile creeped across my face and I even had an extra pep in my step. The melodious sounds of the best Christmas jingles blared from my car speakers and, at that moment, I was inspired to encourage others to take full advantage of this bright and jovial season!


With that, I’ve compiled four tips to help improve your Christmas cheer. After you reading (and implementing) these nuggets of wisdom, you’ll find yourself a little more appreciative of the magic that this season brings.

1) Spend time with your family and friends.

Of course, this is a no-brainer! But, with the added stresses of gift hunting and party hopping, it can be tough to delegate time out for your loved ones. You’ve got to get beyond the idea of “I’m too busy!” or “I just don’t have the time.” because those are the same perceptions that will leave you regretting the fact that you didn’t take out the time to actually enjoy your relatives. There’s nothing like family! I mean, yeah, we have close friends, coworkers colleagues, but the love of your family is unconditional and the holiday season is perfect for mending those broken relationships and putting the dramas of the previous year to rest. Life is too short to marinate on the wrongs someone has done against you; furthermore, it’s even pettier to hold grudges during such a beautiful season. You’ve got to cherish the times you can kiss your mom and hug your dad, you’ve got to embrace every moment as the last because life is fleeting and there’s no time like the present show someone that you truly love them.


2) Indulge in the festivities!

Oh my gosh! Christmas activities are the absolute best! Whether you’re putting up the iconic tree, stringing lights on the house, sipping eggnog, jamming holiday music or baking Christmas cookies, a sure fire way to get into the holiday mood is to live through the joy of the season. Now, I’m a Houston resident and we don’t get snow (at all) so we’re a bit limited to cold weather fun; however, there’s still ice skating at Discovery Green, caroling throughout the neighborhood, warm cups of hot cocoa, Christmas soirees galore, cozy movie nights with Bae, snuggling under your favorite blanket while you tell stories about how awesome the past year has been … the list goes on and on! So, find something that will lighten your mood while giving you this childlike wonder because it’s the only way to capture the sheer beauty of this season.

3) Reflect on everything.

Christmas also brings about instances of reflection. As aforementioned, we’ve endured the trials and tribulations that have come with 2016 and, although it’s coming to a close, we can sit back and thank God for all the great things he has done for us. From getting us through excruciating financial binds to supplying us with new job endeavors to granting us the ability to follow our lifelong dreams, success is always the counterpart to being grateful. So, grab some green tea, sit back and think about where you want your life to be in 2017. Set goals, make a plan and know that your strength is your greatest attribute. Don’t be afraid to revisit those times where you thought it was all downhill because those are the instances that make you even more bulletproof.


4) Take time off!

And, yes, this another no-brainer. You need to take time to collect yourself and end the year on a positive note; therefore, if that means taking a week off of work, do it! Or, if that means fleeing to a nearby town to garner your ideas and dreams, go for it! The holiday season is already filled with positivity, intrigue and happiness – and this is the greatest time to make life-changing decisions. Don’t be scared nor should you be downtrodden because taking the time to take care of you is the greatest gift anyone could give themselves. Take advantage!

I think it’s apparent that I’m in my feelings (just a tad bit) but I just want each and every one of my readers to understand the significance behind the magic of Christmas. It’s about more than getting that new car, those Jordans or that Fendi bag but it’s more about basking in the spirit of the holidays. It’s a fine time to get inspired and it’s an even finer time to tell someone you love them. (And, if you’re anywhere near snow, make a snowman for me!)


Happy holidays from me to you!


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