Making Moves: Chatting It Up at the 2nd Annual La Lutte Queens Round Table Panel

The 2nd Annual La Lutte Queens Round Table Panel was a brilliant event that brought women of all backgrounds together to motivate and empower their deepest ambitions and goals. Surprisingly, I was invited by La Lutte founder, Brittany Hall. to serve as a featured panelist alongside three other vibrant #GirlBosses including author & poet Donielle Pace, wedding event coordinator LaQuita Davis and intimate exploration consultant Brittany Risque. And, let me be the first to say, the magic that spewed from the mouths of these bomb entrepreneurs was nothing short of legendary!

The night was filled with an intensely honest (and necessary) dialogue that touched on a range of topics including dating, family and dealing with depression. Attendees also participated in team building activities that also doubled as crafty social icebreakers. Lite bites were served and, for Queens that invested in the $35 admission, a full-course meal was also on deck: La Lutte Salad and La Lutte Pasta were on the palette-tingling menu.



I was so amazed by the strength of these outstanding women! Many were highly-opinionated powerhouses who bit their tongue for no one, and I loved every bit of conversation that ensued thereafter. This astute gathering of such strong Black women shook my soul to the core and it was a welcome reminder of how time always manages to place you where you need to be.

Despite your current situation or the struggles you endure day-to-day, delicate remnants of encouragement are the perfect remedy for solidifying your life’s purpose. I laughed, I damn near cried and I bonded with complete strangers who left as my sisters. Thanks to La Lutte’s extraordinary vision, lives were changed for the better and lifelong connections were established. Heck, I even got a brunch date with two of Houston’s finest style and makeup connoisseurs – Werk!




I’d like to extend a personal thank you to Brittany for believing in a weirdo like me – she has grown immensely over the past few years and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. I am deeply humbled by her unselfish humility and her fervent ambition is a pillar of inspiration. Love you, girl! 


To my fellow La Lutte Queens Round Table Panelists, it was a pleasure to be recognized alongside such distinguished women who know no limits! Each of you sparked a fire within me that continues to fuel my own hopes, dreams and desires. Thank you!



And, to all our Queens, keep on pushing forward! The world is plotting your demise but faith and strength is all you need to rise as a conqueror. When they go low, we go high!  Thank each of you for your continued support! 

Photography credit: LeWebster Lacy 


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