#GirlBoss Approved: Deity America’s Natural Hair Care Line

Recently, the outstanding brand Deity America reached out to me with the opportunity to try their dope hair care line. With a plethora of products (including Serum Gro Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss, Deep Penetrating Conditioner, Tibet Temple and Nape Penetrating Oil and Repairing Essence Daily moisturizing Lotion), there’s something for everyone!

According to their official site, “Deity America’s hair care products are made with natural plant extracts from the snow area plateau of Tibet, 11,500 feet above sea level. [The brand] specializes in natural hair care that prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Deity America also have an array of moisturizing and rejuvenating hair care products for natural, beautiful hair.”


The primary factor that drew me towards collaborating with the company was the overwhelming amount of support received by the Deity America customers! After an email was sent by a PR representative, I quickly started to do my own research and I was positively impressed with their versatile range and their growing following. Immediately, I knew I wanted to contribute my own voice to assist in further cultivating the Deity America brand.

Keep reading to discover three of my favorite products that transformed my hair regime in under two weeks flat!

1) Leave-in Hydrating & Repairing Scalp Treatment, $13


Prior to receiving my box chock full of Deity America goodies, I wasn’t a “leave-in conditioner” type of girl. For some odd reason, I didn’t think my hair was made for its effects and I wasn’t to keen on a variety of textures I’d come across in the past. But, this brand’s version is an absolute godsend! I evenly applied this sweet-smelling mixture throughout my hair while washing and styled as needed. Before I knew it, I was rocking lustrous, shiny curls in no time! In addition, this product is also great for deep conditioning for split ends.

2) Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss, $13


My sister is actually an avid supporter of the Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss. I extended an invitation for her to try out a few of the hair care picks that were sent to me and she gravitated towards this gem. With the promise of ceasing hair loss, cleaning the scalp naturally and accelerating hair growth, this expertly-infused cleanser certainly lives up to its name. After about two to three uses, my sister was very vocal about the changes that ensued with her curls and she loved every moment. You’ve got to try it for yourself! FYI: Pair with the Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss for added results.

3) Super Serum Gro Nutmeg Scalp Treatment, $13


And last, but certainly not least, we have the Super Serum Gro Nutmeg Scalp Treatment! Now, I admit, I’ve fallen victim to thinning edge issues due to my stubbornness in searching for new protective hair styles. But, old habits die hard as its easier for me to pull my thick, ebony curls into a sleek bun; however, I’m realizing that I could be doing more harm than good. Deity America’s nourishing scalp treatment is loaded with yummy ingredients including aloe leaf extract, argan oil, ginseng extract and knotweed extract. Before preparing and wrapping my hair at night, I apply this concoction along my nape and temple to encourage extensive conditioning. In the morning, my strands feel soft, healthy and full of life. Hands down, this is officially one of my go-to products for my winter hair care!

For all my naturalistas on a budget, Deity America is a brand that provides high quality products that are easy on the wallet. Typically, prices range between $13 to $72 (depending on whether your purchase an item in bulk or not). Delivery is fast and efficient while impeccable customer service is the icing on the cake.

I’d highly recommend beauty connoisseurs all over to indulge in Deity America’s bomb natural hair picks. They’re beyond effective and I can’t wait to see what wonders they work on my coily tendrils!

To see more from Deity America, visit their shop here or follow them via Instagram @DeityAmerica. Deity America products can also be found at Walmart and CVS stores across the country.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the Deity America products?



2 thoughts on “#GirlBoss Approved: Deity America’s Natural Hair Care Line

  1. That scalp treatment sounds interesting, are you still using? Any new updates?

    On Jan 10, 2017 5:57 PM, “Esmesha Campbell // A Lifestyle Blog” wrote:

    > esmesha posted: “Recently, the outstanding brand Deity America reached out > to me with the opportunity to try their dope hair care line. With a > plethora of products (including Serum Gro Scalp Treatment for Hair Loss, > Deep Penetrating Conditioner, Tibet Temple and Nape Pene” >


    1. I haven’t used the scalp treatment yet. I’m in the middle of trying other new products so give me a couple more months, lol. My scaly certainly needs some TLC so it is next on the list!


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