Making Moves: The Superwomen and Men of HBCUs Fashion Show at The Buffalo Soldier National Museum

So, this weekend has been a complete blur! OMG!

Not only was Houston chock full of Super Bowl LI festvities (to the umpteenth power), but the city was literally lit from mid-week through the entire weekend. But, prior to the chaos that was the biggest sports event of the year, I attended the Superwomen and Men of HBCUs Fashion Show at the Buffalo Solder National Museum. I initially discovered the event through one of homegirls who writes for a popular, local publication (hey, Kaylan!). The invite was simple enough: she ran through the premise of the event and, upon mentioning that HBCUs were the central factor, I couldn’t say no.


This was my first time visiting the Buffalo Soldier National Museum so I was super amped to check out the venue. Although we didn’t get a chance to discover the historic goodies the museum had to offer, the authentic uniforms and war paraphernalia were impossible to miss as it lined the walls, hallways and even the runway.

The museum consisted of two massive levels and the second floor was where all the magic happened! I snagged a few photos before the show began so feel free to check them out below!



Our host for the Superwomen and Men of HBCUs Fashion Show was Aundre Dean of the hit film Carter High. He did a wonderful job at keeping the energy of the audience at a steady ascent and his witty humor kept us giggling the entire evening.


But, the show itself, was even more spectacular! The featured brands included Mimi Irvin’s Meye Label, Boss Lady Couture, The Untie, the Michael Strahan collection and Bow Ties by EJ Jet. The models prnaced down the runway like they  owned the place and their unparalleled confidence radiated throughout all the showcased looks.

Hands down, my favorite had to the be the Meye Label presentation. Mimi Irvin always manages to bring a playful vintage flair to her fashion features. While she’s known for her savvy spin on combining business casual pieces with my flamboyant throwback finds, her expertise shined brightly within each specific ‘fit. And, who doesn’t love a good sequin?



In addition to unleashing bomb products and sartorial goodness galore, the main objective of the event was to celebrate and encourage the legacy of our HBCUs. I was also shocked to learn that all the participating models were products of Black universities! Pretty neat, huh?

As a proud alumna of both Prairie View A&M University and Texas Southern University, I understand the lasting influence of garnering a quality education. Personally, I always wanted to attend a predominantly-Black college: I juggled with the option of Howard, Clark Atlanta and even Spelman but (with just a single trip) Prairie View just felt like home. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!

From right to left: Boss Lady Couture founder Drika, myself and my friend Kaylan

This event was just validation that we need to reach out to this upcoming generation. We must instill cultural and academic values within their lives at an early age because they should understand that higher education is not impossible to maintain. HBCUs have assisted million of students for years and the lessons they teach will forever be etched within the hearts of their graduates.

So, to Glitz and Gridiron, thank you for such a lovely evening! I enjoyed myself beyond words and I salute you for creating such a pivotal event. Can’t wait for the next one!

*For the occasion, I rocked an embellished midi dress from Boss Lady Couture.*



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