Esmesha’s Life: Being Showcased in LL Photography’s Women on the Move Feature

LeWebster Lacy of LL Photography recently reached out to me for a Women’s History month project simply dubbed Women on the Move. According to the genius himself, the premise of the project is to “highlight business women and entrepreneurs who motivate, inspire and dominate in their [respective] field“. In addition to being showcased amongst other local powerhouses, including spoken word poet Pace Poetry and blogger extraordinaire DeJuana Williams, I am beyond elated to be in company of such powerful girl bosses.

This feature couldn’t come at a more perfect time! If many of you aren’t aware, I am no longer a contributing writer for Fashion Bomb Daily. Due to a myriad of reasons, the online platform and I have parted ways; however, like the old saying goes, “Whenever one door closes, another one opens.” LeWebster’s unparalleled vision, his genuine support and his yearning to spread knowledge has ignited a new fire deep within me. His consistent belief in my brand and my success is all the motivation I need to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a mainstay within both worlds of fashion and literature.

The Women on the Move project translates into more than just a feature that highlights up-and coming brands; furthermore, I see this collection of barrier-shattering entrepreneurs as a glimpse of what’s to come!

There are so many instances where women shy away from reaching their full potential. I mean, whether they question their own abilities or perhaps they fall victim to the little voice in the back of their mind that speaks nothing but doubt and fear. Yet, one thing I’ve learned is that (to become a #WomanOnTheMove) you have to counter every perception of uncertainty and work toward your goals of self-fulfillment, self-love and happiness. Stay prayerful and steadfast on the journey God has for you!

Throughout my interview with nubian goddess Kelechi Onyeijaka, I expressed how significant Black women are as my source of personal inspiration. Our innate ability to endure the worst of situations provides us with this attribute of resilience that flows throughout our veins. We are the support systems of the world, we are the caregivers, we are the waymakers. I also urge my future entrepreneurs to step out on faith and continue to grow your brand one day at a time. As we all know, life comes with plenty of random twists and turns but the road to truly coming into your own is like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Women on the Move showcase represents everything that is missing within today’s society. From the celebration of women and their accomplishments to the intricate dive into their tumultuous stories, I applaud LeWebster for his courage to shine a light on girl power, the arts and the future moguls of this nation. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be introduced to the world by way of a fellow creative who knows no limits when it comes to making a lasting impact behind the lens. Thank you so much!

BONUS: To see my full interview with Keliechi, check out the video below!

The Women of the Move Project 2017

Interviewer: Kelechi Onyeijaka

Voice Over: Joy Jackson

Co-Director: Angel Chappie

Videographer: LeWebster Lacy

Photographer: LeWebster Lacy



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