Boss Up

While scrolling through Instagram, I found myself running across young women who coin themselves as #girlbosses…

Yeah, #girlbosses are extremely popular nowadays; however, I can’t help but wonder whether the label has fallen victim to the mainstream or whether the title continues to empower endless multitudes of women in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Of course, Sophia Amoruso, the mastermind behind the Nasty Gal kingdom, gave birth to this legendary moniker and we watch in awe as Oprah Winfrey consistently breaks down racial and business barriers; yet, it wasn’t until recently that I truly started to understand the power behind the encouraging #girlboss connotation. To be real, a life-altering change has coerced me into embracing the joys and pitfalls of being a #girlboss. There are a large number of women who plaster this term across their social media profiles (as a means to “appeal” to potential followers and collaborators) but there are also women on the other end of the spectrum who live, breathe and sleep this sacrifice-packed lifestyle. Being a #girlboss is more than just proclaiming it to the entire world, it’s based on the strategic moves you make as a brand and a business. And, that’s where so many of my colleagues fall short.

Aside from managing, working a full-time job, juggling a social life, covering local fashion events and spending time with my loved ones – my life is pretty simple. Thanks to a little thing called “college” and a follow-up lesson known as “grad school”, I’ve perfected the art of multitasking while maintaining a consistent stream of productivity and influence. Since switching up home bases with my family, I’ve never been more motivated to step my game up! Challenges are always a tough pill to swallow but, with the right mindset and a positive perception, you can conquer some of life’s steepest mountains.

And, you know what? I can slowly see myself evolving into the boss I’ve always longed to become. Like Kelis once said, “I switched up the beat of the drum…

My twenty-something-year old lifestyle is also starting to take on new twists and turns. I find myself growing curious about random topics including finance, budgeting, home décor and even self-improvement; however, as more obstacles and frustrations come plowing my way (instead of wincing and turning away at the drop of a pin), I welcome the problems with open arms! I’ve realized that growth is best conditioned through times of despair and uncertainty. With that, the next time life throws its biggest left hook, duck and dodge the disheartening blow by backing up, staying on the defense and following through with a countering surprise move.

I guess what I’m trying to say is simply view pressing matters as stepping stones instead of great waves of failure. Don’t let your problems hinder you from accomplishing your life’s purpose. Tackle one issue a day at a time and watch as you begin to effortlessly progress beyond them. I mean, we all want to be seen as the “boss” but are we willing to take the necessary actions to build and maintain our empires?


*Photo Credits: Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss book. I do not own the rights to these photographs.

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