Making Moves: Slaying at The Vanity J Brand Fashion Show and Launch Party

The Vanity J Fashion Show and Launch Party was the quintessential pre-Easter extravaganza! With the sprawling Hilton at Westchase venue to the one-of-a-kind designs that graced the catwalk, creative director/founder Juanita Wolford and the iconic LaToya Hurley ushered in an innovative method to bridging the love of fashion, culture and high-caliber networking.

While entering the lobby at the event, stylish attendees were greeted by a plethora of sensational vendors including Blush Face Cosmetics, Gilt Trip Jewelry, Lemons and Lashes, Eight 14, Meachum Realty and more. Instantly, I was taken back by the grand scheme of the diversity of the featured products. From eccentric sunglasses to ultra-chic arm candy, the showcased businesses did not disappoint when it came to dishing out bomb goods. Media sweethearts, fierce fashionistas and melaninated beauties permeated the Hilton as we all came together to celebrate the slayage of Vanity J’s latest creations.

My handsome plus one and I waltzed into the massive ballroom where an ivory-drenched runway awaited, along with complimentary drinks, tons of cameras and the hottest tunes! The entire aesthetic of the style-driven affair was nothing short of elegant. Sleek, voluminous ebony and gold gift bags sat atop front row seats and the sea of all-white ‘fits proved that, even in the simplest of hues, a bit of creativity and an ounce of spice can add a glamorous appeal to any ensemble. The Mistress of Ceremony role was held down by one of Houston’s brightest gospel radio personalities, Rebekah Threlkeld. Her quick-witted dialogue and bubbly aura served as a remarkable accent to the festivities of the evening.

Prior to the start of the central show, attendees witnessed true exhibitions of God-given talent courtesy of an up-and-coming lyrical dancer and local R&B songstress Skyrah Bliss. Being able to indulge in such performances was an absolute treat! Unparalleled passion flowed from these two young women and it was, hands down, one of the highlights of my evening. Refreshing, inspirational and unforgettable are the best ways to describe their enigmatic presence. I loved every single moment! Afterwards, I literally glanced  up to the runway and saw the statuesque Vanity J models lining up one-by-one. Soon enough, it was showtime!

The momentous reveal of Vanity J’s newest collection started with a bare-haired bombshell by the name of LaShawna Mwende. The gorgeous, leggy model set the runway ablaze in a gold, metallic spandex set that featured an exquisite ruffles jacket and fluid leggings. And, the designs that came after were even more incredible! A heavenly parade of structured denim, plunging cut-out necklines, multicolored geometric appliques and showstopping fur embellished sleeves followed suit which set the tone for the exuberant presentation.

I was pleasantly impressed by the vividness of Vanity J’s designs. Each piece told a story and, although the tone of the line was uniform, the diversity of the collection resonated within the bold intricacies and detailing. I applaud Juanita Wolford for her cutting-edge approach to dressing the confident, modern woman; furthermore, I also commend the designer for her concept of building such a wonderfully feminine and sexy collection. If you’re looking for designs that will keep you on the edge of your seat while breaking down sartorial barriers, then be sure to check out the Vanity J brand!

Post fashion show, rising singer So Trael graced the stage in an energetic performance of his single “She Bad”, rounding out the evening on an intoxicating note. The Vanity J presentation was well worth the buzz! There’s such a dynamic influence in the power of women’s fashion. Never is there a dull moment in expressing feelings and emotions through dressing and this showcased designer was the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. I left this event beyond inspired and I’ve opened my mind (and wardrobe) to experimenting with avant-garde silhouettes and delicate plays on textures. Thanks to Juanita Wolford, I am now an avid fan of another phenomenal brand! For the occasion, I rocked a cream overlay semi-sheer peplum dress by Charlotte Russe and printed block heels from Call It Spring.

To see more from the Vanity J collection, follow them via IG @JMikeVanityJ. I can’t wait for the next one!


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