A Little Thing Called Faith

Life has an interesting way of allowing you to see the silver lining in the midst of a storm. As chilling winds blow against our tattered hearts and minds, our spiritual will is infinitely tested. Some people buckle at the mere thought of pressure while others encourage the counter of withstanding the turmoil; however, with a sliver of faith and a joyful attitude, anything is possible with the help of God.

I’m stepping into a new season of my life. With a new job, a new home and a new openness, this feeling of clarity and peace is the crest of freedom that has allowed me to continue to grow in ways unimaginable. I also never fully realized the power of actually breaking down and praying. Now, I’m not talking about reciting a quick “Jesus wept”, nor am I referring to the bowing of your head before a meal to show gratitude for the collard greens, candied yams, ham, fried chicken and cornbread you have sitting before you. But, instead, I’m referencing the type of prayers that bring you to tears. I’m speaking of the type of prayers that cause you to lift your hands in full surrender to the Holy Spirit. I’m talking about soul-shattering prayers that offer immense hope in times of sorrow and regret. I’m talking about that ‘ol school, Southern-Baptist-church-on-Sunday-morning, grandmother-knows-best kind of praying. You know, the real deal.

At times, I find myself looking to the heavens for added glimpses of inspiration. I search endlessly for signs that will “move” me in a certain way; however, I’ve learned that God’s responses are not always set in stone. In the words of King Kendrick himself, we must “sit down” and “be humble”. We must look beyond our wants and needs as people and continue to use our entire being as precious vessels of service. Our faith is all we have. No matter what politics threatens to take away – faith can move mountains and cause your enemies to stumble and fall.

So, be encouraged! Stay steady on the path that God has set for you and continue to conquer life with a swift fall to your knees. We’re in this together!

*Photo Credit: Taylor Hayden of Taylor Takes A Trip



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