4 Reasons Why Ontavia Roulette is Fashion Royalty

Ontavia Roulette’s whimsical designs are the things fantasies are made of! Her fervent desire to bring her clients extraordinary pieces is evident throughout her fluid execution and the unique beauty that surrounds her sumptuous duds. As a fashionista who has learned to appreciate the hustle and grind behind piecing together show-stopping collections, it’s only fair to shed some light on why she’s already making waves on and off the runway.

In a recent bio, her official site spills the tea on how Roulette started her enigmatic fashion following. The site reads: “At a young age Ontavia had a hunger to create, a skill for organization, and pure a desire to lead. Spending her weekends and Summers with her Great Aunt watching classic movies filled with gowns by Edith Head, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, and William Travilla. Ontavia’s love for dressmaking started very young. Ontavia attended Cleveland School of the Arts which opened her world up to different nationalities, perspectives and definitions of what is considered Beautiful. Ontavia found art and beauty in all of the things she saw, heard or touch. Drawing inspiration from the most simple of objects.  She exercised creativity in many way being fluent in several artistries. But, her fire for fashion has been fueled in countless ways throughout her life. From the first time she put on a pair of Saddle Oxfords, to the day her mother angrily sat her down in front of her first Brother Machine, because Ontavia constantly brought sketches, requesting, and alterations; to her spending hours reading through Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for a glimpse into the creativity of Roberto Capucci, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen. Ontavia was hooked. Ontavia (with the assistance of her mother) created 3 one-of-a-kind garments by the age of 18 and produced 3 ready-to wear runway collection.”

“In her early 20’s Ontavia studied for her B.A in Music Performance and Opera Theater at Kentucky State University exposing her to even more inspirational and timeless garments from the past. Operatic selections embody passion, pain, and fantasy and Ontavia fed on this art and a new level of creativity in her garments began to developed. Ontavia began perfecting her craft. Making garments for performances, pageants, runway and recitals. After college Ontavia started her life outside of Opera and dressmaking. Working for an amazing company that gave her the opportunity to relocate across the country over the time span of 7 years. Ontavia moved from Kentucky, to Vegas, on to California dedicated to work and Ontavia put her love for Art and Fashion away. After time Ontavia realized she wanted something different for herself, she wanted to work for herself,she missed creating which caused an outpouring of pure desire to make her passion her business. She took the many things that she learned from the Fortune 500 company she worked for and she decided to make her own dressmaking business.”

So, keep reading to find out why I’m dubbing this up-and-coming designer as fashion royalty!

1) Ontavia is not afraid to take risks.

Nowadays, many fashion designers fall victim to the “uniform” trap. They pick pick a particular trend and they build their collections around its popularity. Whether it’s an off-the-shoulder feature, ruffles or even towering thigh-high slits, designers must learn that too much of something can create a recipe for trend overload; however, Ontavia’a approach to cultivating designs drifts far from skewing the border of on-trend monotony. Roulette’s impeccable grasp of generating genuine sartorial gems gives her this effortless cool vibe that oozes pizzazz, flamboyance and eclectic perfection.

Ontavia’s belief in taking fashion risks is the perfect cacophony for any fearless fashionista. Her concise vision and talent breathes life into her pieces while proving that eccentric champagne-hued tulle skirts, oversized bows and textured crop tops can be just as chic as any red carpet gown. Yes!

2) Her designs transcend across multiple fashion genres.

I’m also a fan of Ontavia’s diverse style and taste. I mean, when have you ever witnessed such natural transitions between fashion genres? Although her mission is simply “to provide innovative women with elegance by using creative material & traditional craftsmanship”, the power that lies within the complexity of the singes our imaginations.

After sifting through the impressive collection of Roulette’s latest pieces, I catch wind of genres that include rock n’ roll inspiration, plays on historic Antebellum silhouettes, of-the-moment feminine floral embellishments, intricately textured masks… the list goes on and on! But, this type of unpredictability is the exact reason why Ontavia Roulette is fashion royalty. She continues to reinvent herself despite what the world deems as “beautiful” and she pushes against the grain to create masterpieces instead of mere products that pounce down the runway.

3) Ontavia understands the importance of a good statement piece.

Statement pieces are forever. We’ve witnessed as Johanna Ortiz immaculately shut it down with her version of voluminous eye-catchers and we’ve also seen how Olivier Rouesting inject mind-numbing detail into his sultry collections.

It’s clear that every designer strives to create their own niche when it comes to turning heads; but, Ontavia is an entirely different breed. Yes, she’s a visionary. And, yes, she plans her presentations with the utmost carefulness – yet, this woman also understands how crucial it is to insert that particular piece that screams bold. Colorful prints, conservative mainstays and sheer neutral stunners are all part of her “statement arsenal”. Um , can you say amazing?!

4) She’s the epitome of a #GirlBoss.

In a quote from the designer herself, Roulette explains how she discovered her personal aesthetic. She states, “I watched a documentary about Chinese Couturier Guo Pei. She said she took ten years to complete one of her most iconic gowns, and explained her development into the artist she is. Which launched me into this creative realm where I obsessed over details and quality and time was nonexistent. My dresses started having a life and story of their own. I dove deep into the fantasy of the clients and start producing the couture that I knew I was capable of creating. I removed the sewing machine and did majority of the work by hand which put love into ever garment. The first dress I created after the change had 300 hand painted flower, took three months and was my best work.

As #GirlBosses, we sometimes have to draw inspiration from other creative powerhouses. We thrive on the fact that, despite our current downfalls or struggles, the journey we endure is crafted to fit our future success and artistic development. Ontavia is living proof that you can transform your passion into lifelong dream. This dynamic woman is deeply rooted within her belief that a personal hunger can only be satisfied by an intense work ethic and a faith that extends beyond any human capacity. Her gift to the world has touched many people and, in my opinion, she’s showing no signs of slowing down. And, this, makes Ontavia Roulette fashion royalty.

To see more from Ontavia Roulette, follow her via Instagram @RouletteOnt. Or, for additional business inquiries, contact her at RouletteOnt@gmail.com.

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