Thinking Girls Boutique’s #WishYouWereHere Photo Campaign, Photographed by Victoria Garcia

When Victoria Garcia of Victoria Garcia Studios and Alicia Elatassi, owner of Thinking Girls Boutique, reached out to me for a chance to participate in the #WishYouWereHere Thinking Girls Boutique Rebranding Campaign, I couldn’t do anything but smile from ear-to-ear. For about two years now, I’ve watched as Alicia continuously builds her fashion empire. Her rousing journey is one for the books and it’s been an absolute delight being able to call her my personal friend, colleague and inspiration; so, when approached with the chance to represent her uber-chic brand, I leaped at the opportunity.

Thinking Girls Boutique is the place to be for the professional woman. In the spirit of brand values of MEET.SHOP.LEARN we want to promote Thinking Girls Boutique as a learning and networking environment for Houston’s stylish professional woman. She’s a mom, an entrepreneur, a fashionista and, above all else, a supporter of empowering Houston women to rise to their full potential.

The #WishYouWereHere Rebranding Campaign tapped a small, intimate selection of local bloggers to execute their vision including Valerie Carmona of the lifestyle and fashion destination Val Around Town, Isabel Bonilla/Lidia Ferrufino of House of Alice Rose and Tanuja Paruchuri of Love Bites by Tanuja. All styling and beauty responsibilities were fulfilled by the Brandie Seifert of Hollywood Hippies and Laura of Shear Beauty by Laura. Talk about a dream team!

Of course, no champagne party or photo shoot is complete without culinary delights to soothe our taste palates and Chef Rita of Succulent Cuisine was the indisputable champion of making our hearts (and our stomachs) melt. With uniquely crafted dishes such as Chocolate Avocado Mousse, Cauliflower Soup, Salmon Croquets and delectable Baked Macaroni and Cheese, she kept us all begging for more with her friendly spirit and an unmatched humbleness.

When I tell you Chef Rita’s creations are the – “bomb” is a mere understatement. Throughout her time at the shoot, she encouraged me to pursue my passion despite the odds and she even disclosed her personal struggles throughout culinary school. This exquisite woman’s story of trial and error was a testament that all things are possible, if you continue to pray and stay steadfast on the path God has set for you. To see more from Succulent Cuisine, follow the brand via Instagram @SucculentCuisine!

The remainder of the shoot was solely focused on uplifting the effervescence that is Thinking Girls Boutique! My charming co-stars and I frolicked throughout the shop as we sipped Moscato, networked, jammed a little J.Lo and cultivated visually-appealing creative spaces.

The vibe was overflowing with positive aesthetics, pops of #GirlPower and just an overall sense of girl-bossness (is that a legit word, lol!). Victoria Garcia was the Commander-in-Chic of our ad campaign and her vision of taking Thinking Girls Boutique to the next level ultimately shined through in her immaculate photography. Check out more of my favorite shots below!

I had the time of my life collaborating with these women and I’m ecstatic to see how we cross paths in the future. Excellent job, ladies!

If you’re ever in the Houston area, stop by at Thinking Girls Boutique and say hello to Alicia! The address is as follows: 1570 South Dairy Ashford Road, Suite #109 Houston, Texas 77077. You can also follow the boutique on Instagram @ThinkingGirlsBoutique and Facebook at “Thinking Girls Boutique and Studio”. Tell her Esmesha sent you!

Thinking Girls Boutique Rebranding Campaign

Models: Alicia Elatassi, Brandie Seifert, Valerie Carmona, Esmesha Campbell, Tanuja Paruchuri, Isabel Bonilla, Lidia Ferrufino, Chef Rita of Succulent Cuisine

Photographer: Victoria Garcia of Victoria Garcia Studios

Styled by: Alicia Elatassi and Brandie Seifert

Makeup: Brandie Seifert of Hollywood Hippies and Laura of Shear Beauty by Laura

Creative Directors: Alicia Elatassi and Victoria Garcia

Food Preparation: Chef Rita of Succulent Cuisine

*All clothing, accessories and knick knacks can be purchased at!*

What do you think of the campaign? And, which photos are your favorites? Sound off below!


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