KIND Snacks’s Raise the Bar Limited Edition Flavor Contest

With international brands such as Crayola and Oreo looking to consumers for lucrative hands-on feedback, KIND Snacks is setting the standard with their inaugural Raise the Bar Contest! Aided by celebrity chef Daphne Oz, the Raise the Bar Contest is a competition that empowers KIND enthusiasts to vote for the Limited Edition flavor of their choice. This year’s palate-pleasing potentials include Sangria, Sesame Seed, Sweet Pretzel Crunch and Spiced Fig. Based on the successor, KIND will make a limited batch of the winning flavor to ship out to voters later in the summer. Pretty awesome, right?

According to my sources over at KIND, “The impetus of this contest stems around the fact that consumers taste buds never seem to be satisfied. Flavor mash-ups continue to pop-up – whether it’s the sushi burrito, cronut, or most recently, [Starbucks’s] Unicorn Frappe. The [official] campaign will kick off the morning of 5/9 with a public service announcement (PSA) hosted by Daphne Oz.”

“The PSA, produced and distributed by The Onion, sheds light on the Restless Palate Syndrome (RPS) epidemic. What is Restless Palate Syndrome? The fear of missing out for your taste buds and a constant need to satisfy oneself with new, exciting flavors. Through the Raise the Bar Contest, KIND is working to combat RPS by continuing to create delicious, new and creative offerings to help satisfy our consumers’ taste buds.

I applaud KIND Snacks and their efforts to reach out to the general market! Consumer feedback is a precious tool that can be used to further navigate the maze of client satisfaction. The demands and needs of consumers are ever-changing and, providing fans with the opportunity to let their virtual voices be heard, is a win-win for both the brand and the buyers.

Check out KIND’s official Raise the Bar Contest public service announcement below:

To participate in KIND Snacks’s Raise the Bar contest, venture over to their official site now and vote for the brand’s next Limited Edition flavor! Voting is set to take place from May 9 – 21, 2017. Don’t hesitate to spread the word:

What do you think of the Raise the Bar Contest? Do you believe it is a valuable source in allowing consumers to be more hands-on with the KIND brand? Why or why not? Sound off below!

**Photo credits: KIND Snacks, Christian Han Photography



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