Making Moves: Sitting Front Row at Elsik High School’s 2017 It’s Our World Fashion Show and Design Competition

The 2017 Elsik High School Fashion Show and Design Competition is officially one of my favorite local fashion events! Spearheaded by Sew Much Fabric visionary Rosalind Gaither, this highly-anticipated runway extravaganza highlights the sartorial talents of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Elsik fashion designers. In addition to flaunting their boundless creativity and inspiration, participating students are given a particular topic where they can choose to dictate the aesthetic of their 3-piece collections. For the occasion, I served as a celebrity guest alongside NBA legend, local sports commentator and fashion extraordinaire Calvin Murphy. The show’s esteemed judges also included David Dang of MIYH, Andrea Davis of Sew to Fit and Natalie Harris of Renegade Bridal and Evening Wear.

This year, the show’s focus gave a nod to international travel with the catchy “It’s Our World” theme. The broadness of this topic provided students the opportunity to examine the beauty and intricacies of a plethora of cultures from around the world while also allowing them the chance to translate these unique aspects into their personal presentations. The selected countries included North Korea, Nigeria, South Africa and more!

While I was pleasantly surprised by the effortlessness of the striking collections, the Elsik fashion designers also did a brilliant job in cultivating one-of-a-kind designs that literally screamed “perfection”. Fanciful prints, asymmetric tops, consecutive plays on volume and a resurgence of the “sexy-meets sophistication” trend kept me on the edge of my seat the entire event.

Sleek, no-fuss silhouettes were also popular choices: there’s just something about a bright, sultry two-piece set that speaks to my innermost fashionista! Perhaps, it’s the simplicity or maybe it’s etched within the myriad of ways such designs can styled; either way, they continuously slayed the runway.

Not to be outdone by the senior designers, the 1st and 2nd year students tried their hand at executing memorable style exhibitions with their own portion of the show that escorted anxious onlookers on a quick journey back to yester-year with a time travel theme. Pivotal fashion decades were chosen and we soared through the funkiest duds of 60’s, 70’s and 90’s!

Surprisingly, many of the vintage-inspired designs that graced the runway still ring true as the hottest styles of the present day. From the Nirvana-infused grunge era to exaggerated proportions of the 70’s, it was intriguing to see the power of classic and timeless fashion. The school’s dance team also shut it down in two jaw-dropping performances that reflected the spirit of the featured decades. I loved every moment!

Bravo to the Elsik High School fashion designers! Thank you so much for inviting me out to such a monumental production. Keep slaying!

**Photo credit: Kewan Jones



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