For the Culture: Nneka Gigi’s Spring 2017 Zine Launch

Although I no longer write for Fashion Bomb Daily (hey, progress!), the two-and-a-half year opportunity afforded me the chance to meet the like-minded influencers who are on a quest to leave their mark in the world of style. Yes, I’ve crossed paths with sartorial visionaries including Weiz Dhurm Franklyn, Karissa Lindsay of A Leap of Style and the gorgeous Ashley Dunn, but Nneka Gigi’s eclectic periodical is sure to make waves, turn heads and slay the entire world in the process.

Nneka originally presented her idea to me via Instagram and we chatted it up about the ever-changing dynamics of the creative industry; however, it’s been a pleasure watching this young woman continue to evolve into the #girlboss I always knew she was. Her unique work is a breath of fresh air and her colorful approach to representing our unique culture is enough to send you into a inspiration frenzy and she’s certainly a talent to watch in the upcoming months.

Keep reading to discover the background about Nneka Gigi’s 2017 Zine Launch and the platform aimed towards altering the way we view the arts!

About the Launch:

“I starting working on this 3 years ago. At the time and even until now, I did not know who I wanted to be as a creative or how I would define what it is that I do or wanted to do with creating garments.”

“After going through a phase of designing what was perceived as popular at the time, I listened to myself and began to refocus. The brand is heaving influenced by the following: the color way of the 90s, the whimsical nature of Japanese street fashion, the oversized/ layered look found in London street wear and most importantly from my own culture as a Nigerian woman.”

“The short film used to launch the collection was filmed last year in Sherman Oaks, California. After several months of editing, we debuted the film at my Uninvited film screening and exhibition in Los Angeles. Shortly after, Zach Patton, the Creative Director for the brand and person responsible for all graphic/ design imagery, worked on a digital zine that is now available for viewing on the site.”

“From pursuing my PhD full time, managing clients as a seamstress and social media/ event specialists, and launching this collection, I realize that it would not have been possible without the small team of people who helped.”

“Originally from Buffalo, New York, Los Angeles and the culture of diversity here has allowed me to be true to who and what I am. This collection has left me exposed and for once, that is something I am not afraid of experiencing.”

To see more Nneka Gigi’s highly-anticipated launch, check out her Instagram @NnekaGigi or vis it the official site at!

**Photo Credits: Nneka Gigi



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