Esmesha’s Life: Dropping Knowledge at the Women RAQn the Industry Sponsor Night

The Women RAQn the Industry Sponsor Night event, spearheaded by Houston stylist Jazzlin Raquel, was an opportunity “to inspire all women to follow their dreams especially in a male dominate industry“. Jazzlin’s epic goal transcended to encourage budding fashionistas to be “fearless along with the ability to start their own business in the entertainment industry” while learning more about various creative fields, building confidence and crafting firm connections.

With such a impactful mission in place, the evening also included networking and a diverse panel including yours truly, media personality, author and philanthropist Jillian “JJ” Simmons, fashion designer Chasity Sereal of The R.A. Sereal Group, LLC, DJ Shante of 93.7 The Beat and current Miss Houston Caribbean Ashleigh Vernon Lugo. The gorgeous Paige Hubbard served as the event host/moderator while recording artist Skyrah Bliss snatched all our edges in an unforgettable performance.




Thought-provoking topics discussed throughout the evening ranged from disclosing professional obstacles that blocked progress to harnessing the power needed to establishing full control of your social media brand. The featured panelists were transparent, charismatic and didn’t hold back when it came to exposing the surprising truths behind their personal experiences.

I was humbled to have grasped the opportunity to sit amongst such enlightened young women. Although we each originated from different walks of life, the advice and words of wisdom that spewed from our ongoing dialogue were similar in every way imaginable. I was even a little star struck as JJ reached over and asked for a quick selfie with me and Chasity – I was literally like, “Umm… YES!” It was so much fun!




Not only did I leave with a clearer vision of understanding who I am as a person but I also left with an added sense of respect for women who choose to pursue a career in a media-related sphere.

The world can be so judgmental of what is feminine and what is “accepted” but hearing the confessions of those who have paved the way left me grateful, reflective and overjoyed.




So, to Jazzlin Raquel, I’d like to extend a warm thank you for allowing my story to be heard! It’s always a privilege to participate in a movement that promotes the advancement of women and their dreams. Without your vision and your selflessness, this dope production wouldn’t have been possible. Keep shining, love!

To see more of Jazzlin’s outstanding work, visit! Or, follow her via Instagram at @StyledByRaq.

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*Photo Credits: Jack Jackson, @Jackd2blu




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