Making Moves: Living it Up at the Get the Glow Blogger’s Exclusive with Africa Miranda

The Get the Glow Blogger’s Exclusive with Africa Miranda was a summertime treat!

After being invited by my girl Charmaine (hey, love!), I stopped by this quaint cosmetics shop to indulge in some tasty cocktails, networking and a fun afternoon showcase featuring LAMIK Beauty. I also got a chance to chat it up with travel maven/speaker Africa Miranda.

Throughout the intimate mixer, Miranda gave local bloggers a one-on-one glimpse into how she started her empire while describing how Beauty by Africa Miranda came to fruition. I was shocked to discover that this entrepreneur’s travels to Brazil were the cornerstone of her skin care line takeover! Miranda also disclosed her passion for supplying women of color with natural products geared specifically toward catering to our diverse complexions.

Africa’s inaugural product is a superb Facial Elixir that contains amazing ingredients such as Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Maracuja Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Rose Hip Oil. The Facial Elixir retails for $40 and is an investment for all skin types – oily, combination and dry. The oil is delicate and light but it’s smell is small taste of heaven. Interested in learning more about the Facial Elixir? Whelp, take a quick detour here!

In addition to learning more about Africa Miranda, I also received a chance to check out some of LAMIK Beauty’s luscious makeup necessities including their bomb “Golden Girl” highlight!

To see more from self-professed “beautypreneur” Africa Miranda, follow her via Instagram @AfricaMiranda or check out her official site

Be sure to follow @LAMIKBeauty as well, they’re such a chic venue and the customer service is out of this world!

**Photo Credit: (Headshot and Logo)


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