#GirlBoss Approved: FreeForm’s The Bold Type

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m always game to pop on Hulu or Netflix. Aside from the fact that they’re insanely convenient and house my all-time favorite television shows – it’s also nice to find diamonds in the rough that attain a sense of consciousness while also providing a dose of refreshing entertainment.

My latest guilty pleasure comes by way of FreeForm and their newest sensation (also having been coined the Sex and the City for millennials), The Bold Type! The foundation of the show is centered around three young twenty-somethings who work at a highly-revered, feminist magazine called Scarlet. Jane, Kat and Sutton are all BFFs/big dreamers, living in the Big Apple and trying to navigate the struggles of juggling both their personal and professional lives. Viewers are introduced to each of their unique personalities while also encountering the enigmatic appeal of Scarlet’s Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline, who was inspired by “Cosmopolitan” editor Joanna Coles.

Although I am a intransigent fan of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte’s unforgettable escapades, I am extremely hopeful that the world will notice how awesome this sitcom truly is. The series is only a few episodes into its pilot season but the pressure is on! With other popular shows back in rotation, this light-hearted, comedic gem has potential to surpass the mediocre reviews its endured thus far. Yet, there’s one thing that keeps me coming back for more: The Bold Type also tackles some pretty heavy modern-day issues – from women embracing their sexuality to tensions surrounding LGBTQ opinions to “stalking your ex”, the script is so achingly glorious that I became hooked on my first taste.

Getting a glimpse into the world of fast-paced journalism is another scrumptious aspect of the sartorially savvy show. I’m a writer and it’s always intriguing to see the struggles of others in the biz (whether they’re fictional characters or real live legends). The art of journalism is dynamically widespread and sitting through just 45 minutes of The Bold Type is enough to get my creative juices flowing while providing more inspiration for my own content. Once upon a time, I did have a life long dream to work for a major publication and, to this day, it’s still one of my long-term goals. So, getting a chance to see the magic behind Scarlet magazine’s articles and the trials of their artists is a welcome reminder of why I fell in love with writing in the first place.

To see more of The Bold Type, tune in to FreeForm (previously ABC Family) to catch a new episode weekly; however, if you’re not the traditional show watcher, you can also view full episodes on Hulu. Enjoy!

Have anyone ever watched The Bold Type? If so, what did you think? If not, will you indulge in any episodes? Let me know below!

**Photo Credits: Freeform, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Freeform, The AV Club


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