Exclusive: Why Alicia Sanchez’s Dear God, Are We There Yet? is the Answer to Every Millennial’s Prayer

How many times in your life have you found yourself wondering where you are going in life? What are you supposed to do when you get there? How are you going to get there? “Dear God, Are We There Yet?” That was writer Alicia Sanchez’s question. She realized the answer to our personal questions can most often be found by looking within when we find that we have complete access to this part of us.

In an excerpt from “Dear God, Are We There Yet?“, Alicia Sanchez gives her readers a glimpse into life experiences that shaped her concept. The evolutionary young visionary writes:

Being in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, I have had plenty of experience with helping people choose clothes or making clothes tailored specially to their individual needs. I’ve spent a lot of time asking my clients what it is they need or what look they’re going for. Most clients know exactly what they’re looking for; others are indecisive or unsure of themselves. Some people already have a picture in the mind, while others don’t have a clue. It makes me think that packing for a trip is not the same for everyone, either.”

“It can be a stressful business if you really think about it. I know of people who have arrived at their destination only to realize they haven’t packed any pants, only shirts. How many of you have forgotten your toothbrush? You know how it goes; you can’t pack your toothbrush the night before because you need to use it in the morning, and then the next morning you brush your teeth and, lo and behold, you leave it where you found it. When it’s time for your bedtime routine on the first night away from home, you reach for the toiletry bag, and even before you open it you already somehow know that your toothbrush is not there.”

“This is the perfect analogy for our lives. How much baggage are you carrying around with you at the moment? Are you weighed down by too many suitcases, or are you struggling to t everything into one bag? We are soaking up all this information, gathering it piece by piece, and packing it into our lives. We look to these so-called experts and gurus for advice, and then we stash it away like little squirrels. We leave these inspirational notes on our fridges; we download how-to guides, and all this information, all this data, just keeps pouring in. All of this, and we still end up asking yourself, “Who is going to do all of this?”

Alicia even took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for EsmeshaCampbell.com regarding the release of her new publication. Check the feature out below!

How did the title “Dear God, Are We There Yet” come about?

At first it started as a joke. It was the intro to my own meditation. The question made me laugh knowing, no matter what the unknown brought into my life and whatever I was going through I’d be directed somewhere I needed to be.

As an outspoken millennial voice, what impact does Alicia Sanchez hope to imprint on our generation with this publication?

We do not have to be rich or famous to impact humanity.  It takes one to make a change, and that one change starts within us as an individual. That alone will plant a seed within every human we meet and greet with a simple gesture, smile, and hope that they pay it forward.

Did a life-changing event inspire the concept behind “Dear God, Are We There Yet”? If so, please explain what happened and how it led to such an influential power move.

In my early 20’s I was faced with several life threatening medical issues that left me with two choices. Fight or give up, I chose to fight every battle no matter the outcome. My faith was tested daily. I knew the one thing that kept me alive was my mind not my physical. By seeing how changing my thinking will change my brain chemistry. I took my own placebo pill and transformed drastically. With the power of my mind, soul, heart, and spirit I won the battle. This book was written for those who think they need drastic things to happen to awaken.  My message is become aware of the now. Nurture self and others constantly and that alone will be the cure to every mental and physical illness that arises.

What advice can you provide up-and-coming writers who are striving towards penning their own publication?

Just do it! English is my second language, I never considered myself a writer but I still pushed forward and published my truth.

Hop on over to this amazing journey and take advantage of Alicia Sanchez’s #DearGodAreWeThereYet book promotion for her tour! 

To learn more of Alicia Sanchez’s Dear God, Are We There Yet?, purchase your copy (for only $10) here and take a quick detour to her official site here! Also, feel free to follow this amazing talent via Instagram at @DearGodAreWeThereYet.

Happy reading!


**Photo Credits: Alicia Sanchez

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