The Beauty of Cardi B’s Glow-Up and How She’s Encouraged the World To Make Money Move

Media mogul Mona Scott-Young has introduced the world to all things ratchet. With her wildly successful spin-offs of Love and Hip Hop New York and Hollywood, she’s capitalized on a reality show genre that has grown into one of America’s guilty pleasures. While I may not agree with all the going-ons within the plots of these addictive dramas, I can one thing: A star was born when Cardi B first hit that legendary line of “If a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me forevaaa“.

I’ve watched Cardi B’s glow-up from the very beginning. Cardi immediately came off as one of one of those homegirls that you could confide in with all the juicy T. Cardi also had this bubbly yet achingly honest attitude that distinguished her from other LHHNY cast members. She was bossy. She was outspoken. And, she was all about her music. Cardi B did not shy away from letting the world know where she came from – she declared that her past days as an exotic dancer helped transition her into the powerhouse entertainer she is today.

She’s unapologetically herself (and freakin’ hilarious).

Cardi B = No filter. The girl is fearless. I follow her in Instagram and she never holds her tongue for any celebrity or any follower. Cardi boasts a whopping 9.4 million followers who are loyal to tuning in to the starlet’s everyday life. Cardi uses her social media for way more than just posting selfies: If she has a weird thought, she broadcasts it to the entire world. If she has beef with a creep in her comment section, there will be some charging up in the near future. Y’all, even her facial expressions are worthy of meme validation!

During red carpet interviews, Cardi does not feel the need to switch up her infectious personality for the awaiting cameras to put on a “Hollywood” front. And, I adore that! Her aura is a breath of fresh air in a room full of stiffs, ya know? She’s cool with living in the skin she’s in and she uses her platform for more positive than negative. Cardi wants the entire world to win. She celebrates her victories in full enthusiasm while not caring what outside critics may think and she never forgets where she came from. In one of my favorite quotes, she simply proclaims: “I’m just a regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx.”

She created the official Summer ’17 anthem, Bodak Yellow.

When I ran across a viral video of pop goddess Demi Lovato rapping the lyrics to Bodak Yellow, I almost died! I mean, Demi literally knew every. single. lyric. It was mind-blowing. But, instances like this aren’t just “good” for social media but it also proves to that Cardi’s got barz! Of course, there are the usual haters who want to play the Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma card but, if you want to state straight facts, Cardi is poppin’ on the airwaves. Case and point: On Labor Day, my family had a barbeque. We were blasting some tunes. And, we heard Bodak Yellow a total of 4 times in under 2 hours. Yep, 4 times…

Admittedly, I, myself, jam Bodak Yellow on an average of 10-12 times a day. In fact, I’m listening to it as I draft this post. It’s for writer’s ambience, it gets me going, lol. But, I digress… Cardi B let it be known that she’s not only about her hustle, but she’s created an anthem for millennials to rock to whenever they want to stunt on that one person who never wants to see anyone succeed. It’s real. It’s catchy. And, the beat is smoother than butter.

Cardi knows the value of family.

I admire Cardi B’s love for her family as well. She’s always doting on how she loves her mom and how much she cares for her younger sister, Hennessy Carolina. She mentions her family in a large majority of her songs and she professes that their well-being is one of the most valuable attributes that she has an impact on. Alot of these other celebrities never even hint that they have a great support system. Many of them just consume themselves with their “work”/their image and it just makes them seem unrelatable. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

But, Cardi allows her fans to see she and Hennessy headed out for a night on the town, she gladly lets her followers into a playful twerk sessions they have, etc. They’re living out their dreams and it’s dope that they allow the world to have a front row seat.

And, she’s creating her own path, unlike those who choose to come-up on the coat tails of others.

Right now, there’s no one out there like Cardi B. Haters, continue to hate. Supporters, continue to support. Cardi B has one thing that of “up-and-comers” don’t possess, and that’s a disciplined work ethic. Put her controversial past aside and take a snapshot of the monumental brand she is today. I respect the fact that Cardi is paving her own path. Yes, I’m sure she has other rappers who inspire her craft and her approach. But, don’t get so caught up in comparing when you can just appreciate her talent and her presence for it truly is.

Keep on snatching edges, Cardi B!

**Photo Credits: Vibe, Hawt Celebs, The Odyssey Online, VH1


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Cardi B’s Glow-Up and How She’s Encouraged the World To Make Money Move

  1. I didn’t discover Cardi B on LHHP but I’ve watched her on a few interviews and I like what she stands for. She’s very honest and not afraid to speak out. I respect women who stand for something ✊🏾no matter their background

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