Making Moves: Rocking It at the Millennials in Business 1st Annual Women’s Empowerment Brunch

The Millennials in Business 1st Annual Women’s Empowerment Brunch was held on October 14, 2017 at the exuberant 024 Grille at The Westin. I was invited to attend by way of the spectacular Latoya Hurley. Latoya is an esteemed Houston publicist and the Director of Marketing for Innovating Marketing. With such a dope visionary at the helm of this event, I expected nothing but greatness!

When I walked into the quaint venue space, I immediately taken back by the ultra-lush atmosphere as well as the positive vibes that radiated amongst the attendees. In addition to being served a tasty brunch, there was also a lovely featured panel which included Orobosa Owie (CEO of Millennials in Business & Forbes Certified Life Coach), Rachael Aminu (managing attorney of Aminu Law) and my girl Bri’Ann Stephens (founder & CEO of Pink Productions).

Each panelist possessed their own “wow-factor”; however, their messages resonated in wide familiarity of what many Black female entrepreneurs endure while opening, managing and sustaining their own businesses. The panel discussed a plethora of topics including “the place of women in entrepreneurship”, how to identify your passion while maintaining financial freedom and overcoming personal challenges/struggles in establishing your own business.

Perhaps, the most touching moment for me was hearing Orobosa expound on how she chose to pursue her own path, rather than journey on the career route that her father preferred for her. The #GirlBoss urged audience members to “be your own boss” and take the path less traveled – you never know what God has in store for you. Yes!

In addition to being motivated to the umpteenth power, I also got a chance to indulge in learning some stretching and squat techniques from one of the event’s sponsors Will Power Fitness. The Millennials in Business Women’s Empowerment Brunch attendees were taught the proper vs. improper way to do an epic squat (courtesy of personal trainer William Nguyen) and we also left with a little wisdom: “When you align yourself with health and fitness, you will be the best version of yourself”.

I truly enjoyed attending this event! Not only did I get a chance to meet some outstanding women but I also discovered how to stay consistent with my passion while learning to love myself in the process. Although there are times where we, as women, struggle to keep up with life’s struggles – we must always remember that we are enough. We are strong. We are resilient. We are powerful.


Photographer:ย IMG ARTISTRY, @IMGArtistry

**Photo Credits via:ย Latoya Hurley’s Instagram, @LatoyaHurley


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