Unplugging the ‘Gram

As some of you may know, I’ve taken few steps back from social media, Instagram especially…

There were times where I found myself waking up in the AM and blindly scrolling for the morning tea (courtesy of @TheShadeRoom) and even stalking a few fashion pages for RiRi’s latest ‘fit; however, that vicious cycle of repeatedly looking to other media accounts for “happiness”, and “satisfaction” started to wear on my my own views of my personal life. Yet, every instance was not negative – I witnessed college friends moving forward and experiencing millennial milestones. My colleagues were traveling abroad, pursuing higher education, having children, getting married, basically living their lives for themselves. Or, as my sister would say, living their BEST lives!

With that, I started to compare my journey to that of others. I started to question the validity of my accomplishments and I, temporarily, became unhappy within myself. Now, some may say that this is a “personal problem” but, trust me, it happens everyday. The excitement of social media also comes with a harrowing price of insecurity, lack of creativity and it allows every person to become a Magnum PI. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all provide a sense of community and allow us to “feel” that we are inclusive in the glamorous lives of celebrities and influencers across the globe, but the toll it takes on one’s psyche is a completely different story.

In about a week’s time, I decided to unplug from the ‘Gram for a while. My transition started in early September and I’ve just been coasting ever since. I check in every blue moon on Facebook, but my Instagram and Snapchat are at a stand still. My Twitter is nonexistent. There’s this internal joy and power that comes being able to set the I-Phone and/or Android aside and truly enjoy intimate moments with friends, family and loved ones. With your head in a small screen, you’ll miss that chance to personally meet a business connect, you may skimp out on indulging in the beauty of a little thing called nature or, perhaps, may even miss a chance to make that genuine first impression.

I understand that social media is a highly useful tool for today’s upcoming generation. I’ve heard all kinds of success stories about how a simple DM can change an entire lifetime, but all I’m saying is that there is more to the world than likes, comments and tags. Take the time out to read a few books, go on a trip (without the world watching), get lost in your hometown, start that workout regime, pick up a new hobby, love harder and do everything without itching for the validation of others. I promise you, you will cherish experiences and adopt a perspective that allows you to live in the moment.

If I haven’t learned anything else from social media, I know that there are a small percentage of people who follow just to keep up with what you’re doing, who you’re with, how you respond to certain situations and it turns out they could care less if you fail or succeed. So, don’t fire! I’m not saying that I am leaving ‘Gram for good; however, my outlook on WHAT I post and WHO I follow has changed, for the better. My timeline is decluttered and I can honestly say that I learn more positive and valuable life lessons rather than waiting to “feel” inspired by that account that I “think” sustains me.

Let’s be beacons of light instead of consistently trying to tear each other down. I mean, we’re all we got!

**Photo Credit: Social Media News for Students


2 thoughts on “Unplugging the ‘Gram

  1. I like what you are saying and it sounds like growing pains to me. Sometimes those pains in our individual lives cause us to shake off and rid ourselves of what’s not important to us any more and at other times we do things that we have always wanted to do but never had the courage to stand up to. Learn (from your teachings and experiences) who you really are and always be ‘true to yourself.’ Blessings and Love

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! And, yes, growing pains are always a vital part of life – the true test is how we choose to learn and evolve from them. I really appreciate the kind words.


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