Making Moves: Indulging in Beauty at the Tribe of Dumo Fall Pop-Up Shop at Arka Art Houston

I live for a good pop-up shop. So, when Tribe of Dumo invited me to come out and view their eclectic duds at Arka Art Gallery – I could not resist. The founding designers Ijeoma Odumodu and Chioma Osibodu are fashion visionaries. Their unique pieces are fit for queens yet, with a quaint approach to meshing contrasting prints and silhouettes, Tribe of Dumo continues to push the boundaries of fashion to immense lengths.

Read more about the compelling brand below:

Tribe of Dumo, previously known as Afro Kouture was launched in Houston, Texas in 2015 as an African-Inspired accessory line. In August of 2016, the Fashion House chose to rename itself to Tribe of Dumo. “Tribe of Dumo” coined from the designers West African last name “Odumodu” literally translates to mean “LION”. Symbolically, this translates to “STRENGTH”. This name originates from the IBO tribe in Nigeria. As a people, the Ibos have been know for their industrialism, artistic qualities, drive for educational  improvement and business development.”

Both designers of this brand belong to this tribe and they share the same qualities as the Ibo people. Our choice of textile and prints comes from the love of our tribe, country and nation. The history of our bold prints is believed to stem from one prevailing theory. In the mid-19th century, the Dutch enlisted of West African men, both slaves and mercenaries to beef up their army in Indonesia. While there, these men took a liking to the local handicrafts and brought these Indonesian prints, now known as ANKARA, back to their home countries. Since then, these beautiful prints have been the predominant choice in many African Designers around the world.”

Tribe of Dumo is one of my favorite African brands, here in Houston. I can confess that I have multiple items from their collection in my wardrobe and, trust me, they do not disappoint. Not only are both Ijeoma and Chioma absolute sweethearts, but the passion that spills over into their designs are unmatched. The pop-up shop was every bit of inspiring! Can’t wait for the next one!

See more from Tribe of Dumo by visiting their official site at! Or, follow them via Instagram: @TribeofDumo.


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