2017: A Year in Reflection

2017 was a year fueled with change, celebration of life and personal evolution.

The start of the year was a bit hectic. I chunked deuce to Fashion Bomb Daily, I struggled to find permanent (and fulfilling employment) and I was tested spiritually on oh-so-many levels. 2017 forced me to take a step back from my fashion event-filled lifestyle and allowed me the chance to, ultimately, focus on what was truly important to me.

Now, I admit, if you would have asked me in April, what my plan was… I probably would have just stared blankly, searching for the right words to “attempt” to piece together a somewhat feasible answer; however, thanks to a little thing called “faith”, I slowly started to realize that it’s not about the large number of accomplishments you have under your belt, but it’s moreso about the impact you make in the lives of others.

2017 also ushered in a new era for me, as far as giving back to my community. I became a mentor, I (officially) started work as a case worker for Child Protective Services and I was also given the opportunity to speak at a few socials where I disclosed knowledge regarding my journey as a writer and media influencer, thus far. It’s thanks to engaging in activities, such as these, that I was able to adequately decipher the difference between surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting energy versus just being thrust into presence of those you “feel” are like-minded individuals.

The infinite power of one’s aura is more powerful than you may think and 2017 helped me to realize that everyone who claims they’re rooting for you… are not always on your side.

From participating in my first radio interview to collaborating with KIND Snacks to headlining as a featured guest speaker at Kia Renee’s “Get Ready with Me” Branding Mixer, I had my share of wins this year. But, with the highs – the lows weren’t not too far behind… Donald Trump baffled my mind every single day, Houston was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, I lost my uncle in August, I discovered the true power of an organization called the IRS and I even struggled to create content for my audience to indulge in via EsmeshaCampbell.com. Each painful situation was countered with prayer and long-suffering. I learned valuable lessons regarding my professional future and I soon realized that our weaknesses are here to make us stronger, despite the fear that lingers within our spirits and hearts.

Moving forward, I want to experience on unmatched levels. I want to travel more, I want to love harder, I want to move toward the realization of not seeking approval, I want to continue to become the woman I was created be. Time is a funny thing – it gives you the wisdom you so desperately seek, yet it also grants you with the gift of becoming encapsulate the beauty of every single moment, whether good or bad. Thank you guys so much for the support this year! Cheers to 2018!


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