Making Moves: Vibing Out in Luxury for Regina Moretto’s Fashion Soiree at The Westin Houston

Picture this: Walking into a room full of the city’s fiercest fashionstas and trendsetters, living it up at one of the hottest hotels in town and indulging in every ounce of opulence as you slay to the style gods in an all-black ‘fit. Yep, sounds pretty dope, no? Well, this was (just a taste of) my recent experience at celebrity stylist Regina Moretto’s Fashion Soiree. As the beau and I entered the venue, we couldn’t help but the notice the plush vibes and the immense beauty of The Westin Houston at Memorial City. Held in the heart of the city, The Westin just oozed “grown folk” appeal and made it feel like you were, literally, in a Sex and the City movie.

Upon entering the event space at the 024 Grille, the energy of all the Fashion Soiree attendees was just as positive and uplifting. There were a few familiar faces in the house and I also met some new connects, but it just felt amazing to be around like-minded individuals who were focused on pursuing their personal passions versus settling for what society deems as “successful”. I always cherish events like these because I always run into people whose energy exudes pure excellence. And, Regina Moretto is one of those select few.

Although I did not get a chance to speak to her (extensively) one-on-one, it was an absolute blessing to be in the same room with her, let alone actually meet her! Regina has styled some of Hollywood’s brightest including artist Imani Hakim. Regina’s repertoire also includes styling endless fashion editorials and serving up sartorial inspiration to the umpteenth power. Trust me, she’s the truth. The Fashion Soiree was filled with a good amount of networking, fun conversations, amazing people and even managed to encourage me, as a creative. When you’re put into a room with such influential brands and figures, it’s hard not to become motivated.

Thank again to Latoya Hurley of Innovating Marketing Group for granting me with the opportunity to grace another one of her dope events and for letting me get my Carrie Bradshaw on! She’s the real MVP.


**Photo Credits: Innovating Marketing’s Instagram, @innovating_marketing, 024 Grille


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