To My Readers

Whew! No new posts since November 2018. All I can say is, life comes at you fast…

But, just like every other red-blooded human being, I’m not perfect and I am in the process of successfully grasping the concept of consistency. My goal (moving forward) is to drop, at least one post, every Thursday. Once a week. For the remainder of the 2019.

My much-needed hiatus was the product of a lack of inspiration, internal unhappiness, constant comparison to other counterparts and a diminished passion for writing. Pretty fucked up, right?

At this point, all I can wrap my mind around is getting back to the place where I was not afraid to use my voice. I think it’s time to evolve beyond just the fashion and the runways, it’s time for me, as a woman, to speak my truth. My prayer is that you guys keep rocking with me and supporting me throughout this process. I beg you, please be patient with me.

Feels so damn good to be back!




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