At All Costs, Do Not Hesitate to Protect Your Peace

I never fully realized the significance of peace until I came face-to-face with almost losing it completely.

On the daily, my job is highly demanding, emotionally draining and unpredictable beyond measure. As a result, a mean case of anxiety is now a permanent fixture of my life. With almost three years of tenure under my belt, I  have come to believe that maintaining my peace is the highest priority in my life right now. This newly-achieved confirmation led me to make some substantial changes to many of my closest relationships. I withdrew from friends, family members and even my love; yet, the sense of protecting the very aspect of what helps push me through each passing day allowed me to, ultimately, make that sacrifice.

To those individuals out there struggling to maintain their own sense of peace, listen up: Everything and everyone is not for you. We, as people, always attempt to force relationships, ideas, and situations, but we have to be mindful and aware of your internal thoughts, feelings and perceptions. If this means altering the social construct within your own personal network, then make that change. Change welcomes growth and also ushers in other potential opportunities. With a clear mind and a clear spirit, the sky is the limit! But, don’t hinder yourself based on your current situations. Look beyond the smoke and fog, and realize that your life can be transformed into something beautiful, with just a few modifications to protecting that sense of tranquility.

Some people advise that meditation is the key to garnering peace, while others are confident that self-care is key. Personally, prayer is my go-to for blocking out any and all forms of negativity. I know, it may be difficult to escape in such a volatile and tumultuous time, but it’s possible, but just take a few minutes out of your day to check-in with yourself and God.  It’s well worth a try. Always remember: You will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.

And, there ya have it! Any additional thoughts of protecting your peace? Drop them below! I’d love to hear from you.


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