#ListenUp: VICE’s Intriguing Debate between Black Conservatives, Black Liberals and Black Independents

While perusing YouTube, I recently ran across a video by VICE. This 38-minute visual presents a valid debate between America’s millennial class of Black conservatives, Black liberals and Black independents. The debate covers a myriad of topics including why young minorities appeal to their respective political parties, the struggles of being a Black conservative/independent, and even the opinion of how the current political infrastructure is aimed at “oppressing” people of color.

Now, honestly, this is a topic I’ve waited anxiously to hear more about. The tumultuous state of the nation’s governing system has altered the way many young Americans view the political sphere. We, as individuals, are birthed into different socioeconomic classes and, therefore, our personal perceptions of how society functions are immediately founded upon our own life experiences and progressions. I applaud VICE for taking a risk while addressing a topic that looms deep within Black culture. The thoughts, perceptions and ideas flowing from the lips of these activists are nothing short of extraordinary.

Of course, we can all agree to disagree! And, whether you’re a liberal, a conservative or an independent, remember – we all bleed red and we all want what is best for ourselves, our families and our future. So, take a few moments to check out the full debate below.


What are your personal thoughts? Were there any topics discussed that hit close to home for you? Lt me know below!


Video Credit: VICE’s Official YouTube channel here!

Photo Credit: NBC News



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