With the introduction of a new year and a recent birthday on January 6th, I’ve taken time to sit back and reflect on where I truly want to take EsmeshaCampbell.com. 2019 was a beast, but 2020 is set to be one for the books!

As you may have noticed, we are starting from scratch! The previous content I churned out was a huge part of my life, during some of the most pivotal points in my life; however, with growth comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes sacrifice. All I could think literally think about was how to evolve EsmeshaCampbell.com into my own personal collection of lifestyle gems – whether I’m attending a local event, traveling, learning about a new beauty technique, pushing forward through financial struggles or even venting about the 9 to 5, my goal and daily affirmation is to become more transparent for the sake of my readers. Ultimately, I want every single one of you to experience this journey with me.


I will say that life is fleeting, and there is no better way to enjoy its fruits, than to simply live for you; nothing rings authenticity more than embracing all that you are as an individual. Grab life by the reins and transform your own destiny! Be fearless in loving those that exercise the greatest significance within your life. Pray often. Refuse to conform to society’s standards. Seize each opportunity, as if it is your last. Live life on your own terms. Implement forgiveness. Be the example that you wish to see in the world.


Please keep me lifted up, as I dedicate myself to being more consistent with blogging. In addition, accountability is also another factor that I am learning to embrace, as a creative. My heart, my mind and my spirit are open to the abundance of what lies in store.

It’s an epiphany.




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