Everyone, meet Chloe!

It finally happened, ya’ll. Everyone, meet Chloe!

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As a newly-minted dog mom, my spare moments are now encapsulated in managing potty training fiascos, impromptu fetch sessions and weekend vet visits. And, it’s already been one heck of a ride.

We’re still in the woods as to figuring out what kind of dog Chloe is, but there have been multiple guesses that she may be mixed with Chihuahua and Terrier. I’ll keep you guys posted. In addition to her breed, her age is pretty concrete: she rings in at about three to four months old.


I never thought I would be the type to actually buckle down and become a dog owner, but the entire experience has been surprisingly enlightening. I literally found Chloe on my front doorstep on an early November morning – what turned into a brief, weekend-long rescue has evolved into a long-term love affair.

Super excited to continue this journey with Chloe (named after my one of my favorite designer brands)! There’s never a dull moment and, between teething and combating everyday puppy tendencies, I can admit that she is teaching me more and more about myself with each passing day. For that, I am forever grateful.

Sound off below: any tips or words of advice from my veteran pet owners? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since having your own pet? Let me know!


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