Sis, Turn Those L’s into Lessons

L’s are “losses”. Losses are inevitable. In fact, I took a few this past week. Big ones.

Like any optimist, I always strive to find the silver lining in each negative situation. My thought process races to the point of overthinking and a rabid search for “a plus” overcomes my entire psyche. At that point, L’s become lessons.

Sis, you’ve got to push aside any and all feelings of self-doubt and the idea of internalizing that you are not “enough”. Think of the “no’s” as blessings; without the losses, the journey of fully transitioning into your elevated self would be filled with a stagnant mindset and a lack of personal growth. Transform those L’s into valuable modes of encouragement and motivation. Go harder for your dream! Embrace the “no’s”. Welcome the pushback.

L’s only exist for a season. And, just as winter comes and goes, making way for spring – the “no’s” will fortify you for the upcoming beauty of “yes”. Never buckle under the pressure of viewing a failed effort as a shortcoming. Continue to be confident in your abilities and know that you are that damn good. Always, remember to accept and conquer life’s most vulnerable teacher, rejections.

Despite society’s popular mantra of “taking no L’s”, let’s refine our perspective to be more realistic and understanding of what a single “L” can do for one’s humility. God has the final say and life is no bed of roses. “No’s” are the stepping stones to prep you for those golden “yes” moments. Be adamant in achieving your goal. Remain hungry at all costs.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

-Maya Angelou


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