Currently Jamming: Mereba

Music plays a pivotal role within my life. Discovering new and up-and-coming artists also gives way for broadening and diversifying my auditory palate. So, it’s no wonder how Mereba became the soundtrack to my current mood and existence. Her ultra-smooth vocals are sweeter than honey, laced over melodic, slow-grooving guitar solos and lyrics that pierce the soul. I actually discovered her by way of dope YouTuber/influencer, Shahd Batal.

While sifting through a few Instagram stories, I happened upon one of Shahd’s picturesque posts, along with a one of Mereba’s tracks, effortlessly oozing chill vibes, mellowing the entire ambience.

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Photo Credit: NoHo Arts District

What I love most about Mereba’s artistry is her unapologetic rawness and her unique ability to transform an entire 3-minute tune into a timeless expression of life’s struggles including love, personal growth and spirituality.

The 29-year-old Ethiopian-American singer, songwriter and musician also possesses a knack for making her listeners feel invincible, taking on the world with zero fear and no regard for the judgment of others. I also adore indulging in her impromptu spoken word interludes, which she spreads over flawless (almost nostalgic) beats.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Mereba’s iconic album, The Jungle Is The Only Way Out, is available to stream now on various music platforms – I-Tunes, Spotify, Pandora… alladat! A few of my favorite songs from her include “Kinfolk”, “Black Truck”, “Sandstorm” and “Stay Tru”. Don’t hesitate to bump a few of her tracks and let me know what you think. Her sound is every bit of refreshing, cooler than a brisk breeze brushing slowly across your face. Happy listening!

*Photo Credits: NoHo Arts District, Twitter and Ones To Watch. I do not own the rights to these photographs.

“Stay sick cause I follow my gut.” 

-Mereba, “Black Truck”


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