On the Move: Whisked Away to Krewe of Du Vin‘s Mardi Gras-Themed Gala

**Editor’s Note: Typing with stiletto nails is not my life’s purpose; therefore, due to my current inability to type at a regular speed, this post will be short and sweet. Pray for my fingers ya’ll!**

Anywho, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Krewe of Du Vin’s Mardi Gras themed gala last night, and it was so much fun! It was refreshing to garner an opportunity to get glammed up for a change. My usual, everyday steez always consists of jeans and a t-shirt, so this was dope to experience.

My boyfriend, Darrius, and I snapped a quick shot as we started our night at the gala.

A sea of purple, gold and emerald showered the banquet hall and the beauty of embracing the Mardi Gras spirit beamed over every attendee present. Of course, no gala is complete with a bomb menu: our scrumptious confections included fried fish, green beans, cheesy chicken-filled boudin balls, a side salad and (a Southern mainstay) dirty rice.

My personal look was comprised of a black and gold embellished gown from Windsor, MAC’s “Hang-Up” Cream Sheen lipstick, black strappy sandals and accessories from a local Harwin boutique.


Dress by: Windsor; Accessories: a local Harwin boutique; Lipstick: MAC’s “Hang-Up” Cream Sheen

I can still hear the iconic second line tunes jamming as I recover this morning. It was truly a good time! I danced my life away until my feet ached, I laughed until my stomach hurt and I embraced the joy that is life. Until next time…

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll!)

– Cajun French saying


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