Runway to Real Way: Off-White’s Spring/Summer 2020 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Off-White, is the undisputed king of elevated cool. Amidst his iconic runway presentations, Abloh has a knack for transforming the functionality of utility into full-on glamour. As a streetwear mainstay, Off-White continues to serve as the pulse for style aficionados who aren’t afraid to embrace a subtle grit that comes coupled with quirky accents, a feminine edge and unforgettable styling.

In this installment of Runway to Real Way, we highlight the awe-inspiring dopeness that is Off-White. Despite the reign of COVID-19, fashion inspiration never sleeps. Enjoy!

1) Tomboy chic is always on trend.


I live for a good juxtaposition! As pictured above, the unexpected pairing with the black utility mesh shirt, layered under a cargo vest adds a bit of depth to a simple ‘fit. The white, strappy sandals also uplift the overall feel of the look, adding total lux and elegant.

2) Netting never looked so good!


The fashion-forward nature of this look is what, initially, captured my attention. All its elements work together to create a multidimensional take on monochromatism. The oversized knitted dress, the sleek, front-zip trousers and the white dad sneakers are all a recipe for street style gold.

3) Think pink.


I mean, this one needs no description. When in doubt, go for pink domination. You’ll be sure to turn heads and leave mouths gaping!

4) Statement denim is your best friend…


A good t-shirt and jeans combo is always timeless. Funky detailing, such as geometric cutouts and abstract graphic prints, are keys to refining a down-to-earth look, while adding a bit of interest.

5) Bodysuits, bodysuits, BODYSUITS!


A spring/summer staple that you should have in your closet is the bodysuit. Not only does it serve as a sultry alternative to a basic tee, but it can be combined with anything: think skirts, denim, high-waisted trousers, shorts – the possibilities are endless.

And, that about sums it up. Looks on looks on looks! Sound off below: which outfit is your favorite? Which trends are you excited for this upcoming season?

*Photo Credits: All Off-White runway photos are from Vogue Runway. I do not own the rights to these photographs.

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.”

– Unknown


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