The State of Our Union

These past few days have been daunting. My heart has been heavy. My mind has been held captive. Yesterday, I could barely even stay focused to complete simple tasks at work.

With COVID-19 as the backdrop, we have also witnessed privilege at its finest, a domino effect has taken place: from the Ahmaud Arbery fiasco to Amy Cooper calling the cops on an innocent Black bird-watcher in New York to the haunting video of George Floyd slipping away, minute by minute. We, as a people, are at war. At war with racism, at war with discrimination, at war with inequality, at war with the concept of basic human rights. It’s sickening that the same country our counterparts so highly encourage us to uplift and support, continues to (literally) kneel on the necks of those who have been oppressed for centuries.

I am a Black woman. And, I’m tired. Tired of seeing our Black men and Black women become statistics. Tired of adding another name to the endless list of victims. Tired of being tired. Where is the justice? Where are our leaders? Hell, we have a President who is more worried about Twitter posts than the uprising of a civil war. Like, what?! This can’t be life. The side-eye is major. In the words of the inimitable Fannie Lou Hamer, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Prayers up, y’all. I KNOW the people are tired.

How are you handling our nation’s most recent stream of events? What are your thoughts on the ongoing protests around America? Vent below.

Photography by: Bi Be, @gau2708 at Instagram


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2 thoughts on “The State of Our Union

  1. No doubt , post is incredible and informational also. Every time i read your blog i just stuck with the content of post that how easily you describe each and every aspects of topic of the post.

    Great inspiration for me .


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